Beautiful! And I was able to spot your four little friends.

Oh my, you saw all four? Well done 🐀🐀🐀🐀 makes me happy

Your clue helped a lot. Once I spotted the first one, I just froze the image and searched around until I found the other three.

goal achieved :) and I thought this was particularly difficult!

I wish I could explain how I feel when I hear you and listen to your music. Your voice is so soothing and the music is so relaxing.

This music and the video are so special, the videography is really impressive. Thank you so much for creating this video and presenting the pride of Ukraine. I am not into politics, all I can say the people of Ukraine don't deserve this devastating moment. I wish I had enough words to explain my thoughts and feelings. Thank you for mentioning me, this is an honor for me...

Glory to Ukraine...


I am honoured you found it comforting and soothing. I know my pronunciation is not perfect but it is done with the heart in its place. Again I am deeply sorry and I hope you find healing after such traumatic events, same for some dear friends still in the middle of the storm.
I do not polarize and divide people by borders, race, religion, beliefs... and I have friends both sides of this line but I believe they would never justify it. We have not spoken about it, not everyone is free to speak sadly. But everyone should be safe to build a home and a life. Song is free and not monetised, it is just linking to some animal shelters. I am also coordinating with some people I know taking in fur babies, and I will forward this support here to them

Aw, what an angel
It is because of the innocent like her, who should be safe at home I did this. I am against war, and even if countries need to sort out differences and grievances, civilians should never be target. Sure all wars have collateral damage and is awful enough, but then there are wars where such targeting is intended and aimed and that is the moment it loses any justification.
Courage to all affected, this is a tragedy and we should at least care.

Beautiful song. I love it and the video performance is wonderful

Thank you, this is a plea for peace, no politics, just humanity

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This is beautiful!!!!!

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