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RE: The Minimalist - Struggles and dilemmas as an aspiring minimalist

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Hiya Nikolina!
I like your style!
The tone of your posts is always nice. I can tell that you apply great control of your mind and actions as you come off as calm and conscientious.
Don't beat yourself up for starting a little mini-collection of books or k-pop albums. Haha, I don't know what it is about k-pop that's so addictive, I think I should try to stay away because so many people I know to get hooked to some aspect of it...whether make-up, clothing, music, drama, fashion. To be honest, the k-pop extensive skin routine saved and revived my skin when I suffered bad outbreaks while I was living in the Philippines. I still apply the core principle of it, but have cut out a few steps.
I think you know yourself well enough to identify the right time to donate and let go of some of these things.

I'm always excited to read your blog, so thank you for stopping by.
Have a lovely Friday and a relaxing weekend:)


Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me! :)
I agree, everything K-pop related is addictive, haha. I'm glad to hear their skincare routine helped you out, I think that a major part of their amazing skin is the fact they start early and their products are of a good quality. Now that it's getting so popular all over the world, I feel like it's getting more about marketing and make people spend all their money so a good balance is the key I suppose. :D
K-dramas are also addictive, I only watched a few for now but I'll definitely check out more. :)
Have a great Sunday!

they start early and their products are of a good quality

💯% Now, those are two things that I would tell my younger self to do.

You're very welcome:)
Have a wonderful Sunday too!