My View Of Life (Kiss #44)

I have never felt separate from Nature. It has always been the place, where I have felt most at home. Where I could just be me. I was a very scared child, but only when I was in the human world. Once I stepped outside into nature, I felt safer and so much braver.

It was (and it still is), where I could be free.

Being inside for too long, has always felt like punishment to me. Being shut away from the elements, made me feel uncomfortable. I would long, to feel the sun on my face and for the wind to blow all my worries away.

To feel alive.

Growing up in a difficult home. I felt trapped, within the four walls, that always surrounded me. They held the secrets of what went on and they always seemed to close in around me.

But then I got to escape into nature. The once timid girl, now climbing trees and hanging out with cows and some of the local dogs, that liked to follow me. I would sing to them all, fill my lungs with air and fill the sky with my voice. Life felt so good and I felt so at peace.

This week the Minimalism Community, as part of their Kiss initiative, asked if we could share "an unforgettable experience in Nature, that changed our view of life" .

Nature is my life, it is where I always return to. It has always felt home to be. I was grateful for the shelter that buildings give, but they contain us too much. We are not meant to spend most of our lives inside thick walled structures, that seal us off from the natural world.

Cutting ourselves off from our most important life line.

I done it for a few years, when I lived in London and I felt lost. I always managed to find somewhere next to a park, in which to live. But I missed so much.

So it is difficult for me to answer this question. Of course I have had unforgettable experiences in Nature. There have been many.

My first time to walk in a Jungle. To hear the monkeys calling, as mist clung on to the tops of the trees. Such majestic trees, I was blown away and overcome with such joy, that I cried. Then a few years later, getting to sleep out, in the Amazon. Nothing but a mosquito net, between me and the jungle. Listening to the symphony, that all the jungle creatures created together.

My view of Life has not changed so much to be honest, my passion has grown and my wisdom deepen, as I have followed this path of mine in life. Where nature has always played such a huge part, as it is a huge part of me and who I am. My guide, my healer, the essence of who I am.

Nature, has always showed me, what life is meant to be.


Hey there! I hope you and the girls are good 🥰 I love this post, it resonates with me completely! I feel like I’m trapped when I’m inside and long to be outside in woodland. It’s where I feel safe and at home. We really do need to spend more time outdoors as a species, maybe people would be at peace with themselves and respect their surroundings more xx

Hey, I was just writing on your post. Thank you beautiful xxxx

Being inside for too long, has always felt like punishment to me.

This has always been the worst punishment for me too.

Your post made me smile.
I'm happy that you've experienced such glory in that Amazon. Just the thoughts of a walk in the jungle puts me in a jolly mood 😍

It's been great being back at my parents' house in Jamaica and we fly back to the UK in 5 days time. Howeever, my entire time has been spend outside in the back garden, in nature, where I'm always the happiest.

It's a pleasure to see you here xxxxx

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When I see the green of the trees, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

When I see the blue ocean, I feel alive, hopeful, and dreaming.

Nature is the best medicine. Not laughter i guess.

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I always love reading what you write.

The natira gives peace and serenity, I too have a very strong relationship with it and spending too much time closed within four walls takes away my energy.

I love sleeping under a starry sky, in the woods of my land it is something that I would really wish everyone to do in life... pity that many fail to understand how much beauty is in these simple things but full of so much, I would say of everything.

A hug!

Indeed. Spending time all your life in a concrete infrastructure is like being held in a prison, but in embracing nature is like embracing freedom.

I was a very scared child, but only when I was in the human world.

I fully relate. I suppose most humans don't even realize it, but even when their at their normal "peaceful" standards they are emitting dense vibrations because of their disconnection to Nature. Those who retain the connection through many lifetimes of always going back to it, must sense since childhood that something is off, hence the discomfort

I don't know if this is true, but it's my theory.

Hope you and the girls are having a good time, send you blessings from the forest 🌿

Nature is healer...
Nature os freedom...