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On Tuesday I was told that you were sick and from that moment on I knew it... on Thursday I went to accompany you and help you, to be there for you as you were for me all the time.

I hope you will forgive us if in our eagerness to hold on to your life we were selfish but we could not just leave you like this.

Without you we are a bunch of discordant pieces trying to find a way to fit together again.

El martes me dicen que estas mal y desde ese momento lo supe... el jueves fui a acompañarte y ayudarte, a estar para ti como tu estuviste para mí siempre.

Espero nos sepas disculpar si en el afán de aferrarte a la vida fuimos egoístas pero no podíamos dejarte así nada más.

Sin ti somos un montón de piezas discordantes tratando de buscar la forma de encajar otra vez.



People like you leave a great void and I am not saying this because you are my grandmother, you were mystical and very wise, you always knew what to say and you had a great heart.

I feel satisfied and calm, there was nothing left to say, everything was already on the table, I only know that I will miss talking to you, your humor, your meals and your advice.

Personas como tú dejan un gran vacío y no lo digo porque seas mi abuela, eras mística y muy sabia, siempre sabias que decir y tenías un gran corazón.

Me siento satisfecha y tranquila, no quedó nada que decir, ya todo estaba puesto sobre la mesa,sólo sé que voya extrañar conversar contigo, tu humor, tus comidas y tus consejos.








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