Some shots I took during christmas

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Forgot to post these, been quite busy and now that I think about it it feels like so much is happening in the world that christmas feels like ages ago, but it was just a few weeks back so maybe you'll still enjoy viewing them of the city I reside in currently called Aveiro. To be honest there's really only a couple pics that even make it obvious it's around christmas so I doubt this post is that time sensitive.

These photos are not edited in the slightest, I probably should, even just enough to open them in MS Paint to rotate them slightly as they're more of a "let's snap this spot real quick before someone looks at me and judges me as a tourist" than actually taking the time to snap a perfect shot. I do have Photoshop these days though, so maybe I'll follow up on some edits once I have the time for it, I installed it recently to try my hand at some digital art but turns out my hands suck so maybe I'll settle for creating some comics once I have something funny to create that isn't just a meme I read on Reddit. Anyway, if you're expecting professionalism cause this is posted in Photography Lovers, you'll be pretty disappointed cause it might just make you hate photography.

Christmas Spirit, wohoo! Religions are the best thing to ever exist, thank you for giving us a reason to be decent human beings or else we'll go to hell or something, but it's fine cause they have a cheatcode where you can just ask for forgiveness at any time, guess what my last words are gonna be!


Street art!


More street art, poor kid only held hive the last few months!


Now this one was actually pretty cool, think it was on the wall of a school or hospital or a hospital school, either or!


A cemetery! Casually reminding you what happens from the beginning of life to the end.


Not sure what happened here but I made sure to get some evidence of the aftermath.


Morning view of Aveiro central (I think), those bridges are kind of popular as they have locks from couples in love and stuff spammed on them. Haha, love... a bigger lie than religion.


The other side of the bridge, Aveiro is known for their Veniceness with these gondolas boating around nonstop, somehow they still in business even with covid and no tourists existing during winter.


Another view of the other side, those apartments on the right are pretty badass, I'd take a suite there any time.


Less impressive street art here but those stairs are kind of a piece of art in itself, the utility or the "why" maybe a bit less so.


Sideview of that cemetery.


This just looked cool, reminded me of some greek structures back in the day or some shit.


I'm running out of things to say about each of these shots, doesn't mean they're not as important I just have a bad imagination.




Can we call Hive Hype for Hipe? or Hyve?


Arriving at the park.


Getting closer.


There we go.


Okay too close, I went too far.


So yeah, this was a morning in christmas, the lack of people is probably cause it was like 7 am and not just cause of covid reasons. Man I'm almost starting to forget what it was like pre-covid. I'm hoping we get to enjoy that soon again.

PS! I think after covid it's safe to assume we're gonna be pretty tired of hearing people say "stay safe" so make a note to stop saying that cause we've heard it enough times.


Haha, love... a bigger lie than religion.

The only reason romantic love exists is to cloud your judgment long enough to get you to fall into the trap. Once you're stuck with a family and much of your life sucks, you can still get out but at a high cost. The real purpose of marriage is to raise that cost. Kids are generally better off with two biological parents caring for them. Hence, you're likely to bite the bullet and soldier on as long as you have to.

Some people will tell you that you need to do what's best for number one and be a proper example for your kids lest they get stuck in sub-optimal situations when they grow up and find someone better.

Grass isn't greener on the other side. Other humans are unreliable as sources of happiness for us. That's the way it is. They disappoint us in various ways or they abandon us either by dying or by leaving us. They've got an agenda of their own. We're dependent on other people for essential things such as survival and the continuation of the species. But that doesn't mean getting with that program is always best for us as individuals. The lucky ones are the people who have the temperament and constitution to derive their meaning and happiness from sources other than other humans.

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I agree to some extent, but also..

Are you okay? 😄

Seems like you've been through something recently

Just stating something that I perceive to be an inevitable part of life for a lot of people. If you are the type of person who does not need others to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life, I (and Sigmund Freud) consider you to be fortunate.

What did you mean by love being a bigger lie than religion?

Yeah, I mean you not wrong, just seemed like a lot at once so thought maybe you were acting out on something that has occurred recently. :p

Just you know, the general chemical reaction it is and fleets away over time.

Very cool photos. Especially the last two.

I was thinking about making this a late christmas post but you beat me to it.So how do you like my christmas tree? 😜



What is this abomination?

Some people spare turkeys so I decided to spare christmas tree.

Or maybe it is simply a top of an apple tree that I could not reach. And sparing might still mean fire...

I thought the street art was cool. The two sunrise images in the middle were really good. I liked the perspectives with the waterway and the boater guided the eye through the frame up to the sun as the focal point. You shouldn't give up your hand at Photoshop. It's tricky with all the bells and whistles... but there are some things that make it worth putting in some time and effort.

Yah, I even waited for the boat to come across as I saw it on the other side earlier, what a pro timed photographer I am!

I'm hoping to be able to get back to my creative side once things settle down around here.

Timing is one of the primary fundamentals in photography. Usually, it's a luck thing. Here you have proven yourself to have vision and skill! I look forward to seeing more of your art. That anime piece you did a while back was pretty impressive! Now...

Everything looks so peaceful in there, are you living in a resort or something? I'm also a huge fan for the street art, and the one with the baby is so smart 😍

Just in an apartment a bit outside the city.

The street art looks awesome!

That ultrasound mural is 🔥
But forget having kids hahaha

I'd like some kids, right before I'm too old to create them.

It's a hard pass from me. I'm pretty sure I'd be good at it, but I still think it is not the thing for me.

Spectacular all the photos, super cool street art, my favourite is the ultrasound mural

Nice shots. I like the art of the poor kid the most. Not good in drawings but it looks amazing.

Yeah that one seemed to have had the most effort put into it.

Cool shots. I will pray to my imaginary friend for you.

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Thank you, can you casually sneak in something about covid and it kinda like disappearing while you're at it

Looks peaceful. Only gave that remark because there weren't any people on most of the shots taken. Probably because people make a lot of noise and crowd the beautiful scene.

Alternate Title: Acid Enters the Twilight Zone and travels alone.

These look awesome. What camera did you use?

I wanna say samsung a51 but it could also be something else.

Lol...The comment decline is what you should have called this post. You started off strong, loved the only held hive for a few months one, and then...The further you went the less fuel you had in the comment tank...Still enjoyable though.

He had plenty of fuel to crop(comment)dust us... couldn't you tell when he said my personal favorite?


Best one-word sentence i have seen in quite a while.

Lol...It's a good filler-word for sure. *If one is lost for words just say, farts.

I have a feeling it was a true to life experience... a pants filler, as it were. I could be wrong... but if i have ever learned just one thing it is,
"Never Trust A Fart."

Pants filler! 🤣

Mr. Frog approves...


The beauty of Christmas right here☺️☺️☺️

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Some of the views are beautiful. Thank you