Strange no more... see the light now?

I posted these in black and white awhile back...
It was "Something strange..."
Even then I had wanted to show them in colour too!
Was figuring out to post both together(?) - rather obvious for comparison sake...
So, I thought I'd make another post instead

In black and white, they were kinda mysterious and creepy
Here, in colour, perhaps, you can see the light...


As explained in an earlier post, I have no idea what this is/was
My first and only thought was - a cactus drying out!
Maybe the gardener was waiting to harvest some seeds...
Someone mentioned "sunflower"... hmmm...


"Hairy being"... as I call it
Stem and base, I would say?
There's a name for that, I know....
(Just found it online!)


Yup, looking more and more like sunflower...
The more I look at it now...
(and a lil help online)
whaaaa....? you don't check things out online while writing?
kudos to you if you don't
me? all the time!


Ok, let's stop talking to myself!


How autumny!
That's the only autumn we'll get here
Weather in Malaysia is just hot, and rain!
That's it!
Unless it's Cameron Highlands...
Then there'll be some cool!


Some would call this gross!
Me? I was fascinated!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

Captured with SONY A5100 + Sony E 50mm f1.8 OSS lens | ©images & text my own | click image for fullscreen view

This is kinda part of a series of random experimental photography I did recently while in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
Follow me on the trip photographically!
~ On the Cameron's trail ~ Nature, tea... and some errrr, creative photography(?)
~ Something strange...
~ Random-leeeeee...
~ Darkly
~ Always a Flower...
~ Under the shadows... and dappled sunlight!
Hope you enjoy them!

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If I only had sunflower around here to snap some pics of it. Great photos by the way.

Haha, thank you! :) The funny thing is I didn't see any sunflowers on the premises...

Nice shot, this is really beautiful macrophotography friends 👍

Thank you, have a good weekend! :)

I do recall seeing this in b&w and it looks more amazing in color i do love it 😊

Awwww, thank you! Less mysterious... :)

My pleasure 😁

I had great fun looking at your photos of sunflowers.

Am happy you enjoyed them! 😊 Thank you!