Various kinds of flowers | Jungle geranium


Hello photography lovers wherever you are, today I want to show you one type of flower that is still a large family of the Ixora flower, a genus of shrub plants that have many health benefits and are used as a powerful traditional medicine to treat several diseases.

Jungle geranium flowers also have another name, namely Ashoka flowers, in almost all areas we can find this one flower and it also has several colors, but what we can easily find is red and pink.








Those are some pictures of Jungle geranium flower, and some of these pictures I took using the lensbong lens that I use on my smartphone camera, I hope you enjoy what I show today, greetings from me

Photo TakenSmartphone OPPO A53
LensLensbong(Q-Lens)/Macro lens(APEXEL APL-24X)
LocationNorth Aceh - Indonesia


hmmmm superb, this is outstanding for a lover of photography like me..kudos

Thanks very much 😊

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You are welcome @adi.pisces, that's with pleasure! We wish you a happy buzzy week 😊👍🐝

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