Flower Photography - Hibiscus (and a Self-Introduction)

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Hello Photography Lovers!

Call me @afterglow, I'm from the Philippines, an I.T. professional, a father, and a Husband. I love photography and I am looking forward to sharing my photos in this wonderful community.

I consider myself a beginner in photography. This will be the first time I am going to dive into taking photos seriously and this also the first time that I am going to share my photography in this community.

It has been a while since I subscribed to the community and since then I have been in awe of the photos that are being posted here. By looking at the photos that are posted in this community I decided to try photography as a hobby.

I actually bought a Nikon D5100 a few years ago but I was not able to use it since I am busy with my current job as an I.T. professional.

To be honest I am still learning how to use my Nikon D5100. For once, I don't know how to use it in manual mode (but I am making progress now while I am using it more and more).

I will be using two devices in taking photos that I will be sharing in this community namely Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Nikon D5100.

Wish me luck (^_^)

The photos below were taken using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (all photos in portrait) and the photos in landscape were taken using Nikon D5100 in automatic mode.

By the way, these photos were taken last December 2020 (during the holidays) and all of them are unedited.










I am an I.T. professional (Computer Engineer) working in a private company, a blogger, a father, and a husband.