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My last big trip before Corona was Japan. I learned a little Japanese (it quickly showed that I had zero talent in this direction). Still, I was grateful for everything I learned. The people are very helpful and delighted with every Japanese word that I remembered.
"Shashin o totte mo īdesu ka?"写真を撮ってもいいですか May I take a photo? That was one of my favorites ...
I got to know and appreciate the Japanese as very friendly people.I'm really looking forward to going back there someday.

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As a vegan, the food was a real challenge for me. But for everyone else, the food is heavenly.


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The nature is just amazing. As soon as you are away from the cities and main routes you will be richly presented with an impressive landscape.

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The cities are very confusing for me. There are so many people who live in a city like Tokyo ... An endless expanse of houses and streets and yet they all live very peacefully together. Very impressive!

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Ohhhh absolutely stunning!
What an awesome photos!
You captured everything from culture, to food and people to nature.
Impressive, but learning Japanese is also point which shouldn't be missed :)

Thank you very much for your motivating words. I saw your blog. I think your women portraits photo are also very beautiful and and very authentic. They are great!

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Thank you very much🌻