Dark, rainy autumn day | Street photography

It seems like summer handed over its spot to autumn quicker than ever. It's been raining in Belgrade for couple of weeks already and lately the temperature doesn't get to 20 degrees C. Staying at home and slowing down is more tempting than ever and it does feel nice staying in a cozy home with rain drumming on the windows.

I'll have to make myself go out nonetheless, because nature is absolutely beautiful during this time. And there's a feeling of nostalgia or melancholy as I walk the streets of the city - many moments are worth preserving.

The fortress is empty as the heavy rain pours down and I'm barely able to keep myself dry under the umbrella. Only an occasional passenger goes by running or hiding under the stone tunnels. I was able to climb to the top and see the panorama of the city swallowed by the dark, ominous clouds. I made a few 360 degree videos and climbed back down.

After an hour of heavy pounding, it stopped and so I headed back to the streets where people started gathering again. Many manifestations are taking place in Belgrade these days, some very political in nature and divisive among citizens. This time it was the graduation of military academy students who were promoted to the ranks of officers and lieutenants.

On my way home it started pouring down again. Young lady with an umbrella ran passed me and, with a lot of effort to not get myself and the backpack entirely wet, I pulled out the camera and made couple of quick shots which concluded today's session. All photos taken with Fuji X-Pro2 and 35mm F/2 lens.


I love the vibes on your photos. Thanks for sharing :)

Gosh! I'm out of words from your photographs. I love how cinematic your images turn out. Especially the cat that you captured sitting on the ground. The angle is so good and the cat seems so prepared from random clicks from your camera. Street photography is one of the things that I like to do someday but right now, I'm focused on macro shots and all connected to nature.

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The rain inspires me and your photos are beautiful! 😊

Amazing man😍 your photos give different vibe and the colours in photos are quite peaceful ♥️

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Hello @alcibiades
I really like the photo of the cat sitting on the wet floor, obviously he's not afraid of the rain.
Holidays at your place seem unthinkable with all this rain, even cats are used to it. hahaha

Great shots of daily life but I think my faves are the cats and the dogs because I can hear what they're thinking! 😄