Down by the lake | 15 rolls in 15 days - Days 4 & 5

I didn't get to post an update yesterday even though the photos were ready so here are both days. On day 4 my original plan to walk in the woods and photograph there failed after I had some unplanned things come up and before I knew it the sun was setting down and there was no time to go and explore. I had to do the backup plan, sit on a bus and head to the city for night time street photography. It was Sunday but plenty of people in the streets.

The Kalemegdan park was full of life, people are playing chess, singing, doing arts and crafts or just enjoying the evening in a good company. Street lights make the job of photographing easier.

Next day, with a bit less energy I went to the lake that's near my house. It's a home for many swans, ducks and other birds, but also for kayakers practicing their skill.

As you can see in the first photo, which turned out to be my favorite, I captured a couple of each of those in a frame. It's nice when you find someone to share adventures with, isn't it? Fishermen are stationed on the shores. Along the lake, a park with open gyms, playgrounds for kids and benches for rest and relaxation. It was a pleasant evening to finish the day.

This challenge is designed to push me to shoot more, think more about what I'm shooting and also to start posting more regularly. It's supposed to imitate shooting a film camera, 1 roll each day and posting the results. Recently I shot a roll of Kodak film and it inspired me to bring this series back. Here are the general guidelines:

- Create up to 36 photographs each day
- Select and post at least 10 photographs
- Don't look at images on the LCD screen

Hope you'll enjoy and follow along.

Day 4

Day 5


Your challenge is cool.
You are giving a push to yourself, and that's excellent. The results too! 👌

This idea will maybe be transformed somehow and serve others as inspiration too.

I notice that my piano playing (actually learning new compositions and recording them) is equal almost to zero... just can't move from there. I should give myself some similar tasks :D

So, I think I saw those chess players on Kalemengdan when visited it, well, maybe not exactly the same people 😂 but that chess board (table) and some older persons with caps playing chess.
Kayakers will always remind me of this whole area... I don't see that anywhere else... :/
And the sunflowers too 😍 - though maybe this is just a wildflower that resembles a sunflower, I am not sure. Anyway, all those are like time capsules that bring back memories of some other times!

Yes, whenever I'm stuck with something and can't motivate myself to do it regularly or I'm losing focus - I set up a similar challenge. For me it's easier like this because I don't have to think about what to do, it's already scheduled and becomes automatic. Something similar might help you with your piano playing. :)

Those chess boards often see familiar faces, there are groups of older men that gather here often. So it's likely that you saw them as well. :D

The area I live in is filled with sunflower fields. They are beautiful, especially at sunset.

I see the logic and indeed, it is a good thing to do.
It is like with good habits, once we set them we just have to follow our decisions through established habits. Challenges do the same good thing, and even more excitement we find in it :)

These are so awesome

Thanks very much!

Love these images, they have such a personal feeling to them it almost feels like they’re alive. Makes me want to dust off my 35mm cameras 😀

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Geeezz these are beautiful, as usual. :D

Glad you like them, @hiddenblade! Thanks. :D