Early morning | City streets in the rain

I learned my lesson from the previous day - I stupidly believed in the forecast that it was going to rain the entire day so I didn't head to the city as soon as I woke up (just for the context, I prefer photographing in rainy conditions). Of course, it stopped raining as soon as I got out of the bus, so this time I wasn't joking around - went out before 7am and when I got there, the umbrellas where still up and working.

This early in the morning pedestrian streets are ghost towns compared to the afternoon. Except a store workers washing the windows and occasional early bird person walking the streets, it is pretty empty. So I usually stay closer to bus stations, big crossroads, spots where people pass by on their way to work.

I first stumbled on these two workers welding the draining grid under the Branko's bridge and made few shots there with nice light from the machine. September is generally the time when condensation starts becoming prominent on windows which gives extra dimension to the images. Instead of a simple clean shot through glass, you now get interesting textures that can enrich the image and make it more abstract, like a painting.

The vibe in the morning is so much different - it's quiet, people are contemplating on the day ahead and not ready to talk. They go through their rituals hoping to receive enough energy to complete the day. It's sad but beautiful in a way.

Photos are taken with Fuji X-Pro2 and 35mm F/2 lens.


You have a good motif selection. I like the one with the girl at the bus stop the best

Thank you! It's one of my favs as well.

These are great. Your streetphotography has really improved over the last month or so since you started doing these series more.

Thanks a bunch! Yep, it's always like that - the more you practice, the better your skills become.

I adore rain and moody weather, the pictures are beautiful, it was totally worth it to get out! I also love the silence and the empty streets early in the morning, especially when it is bad weather. I feel that I want to go out more when most people would stay indoors

Absolutely! There's something about solitary, early mornings in a bad weather that speaks to our soul. :) Autumn is coming - perfect time to take in those moments.

Yes, I feel more peaceful and more contemplative. It is an invitation for introspection actually. I just love moody weather

Ooh I love this morning atmosphere you just described and captured!! And your photos match it so well, there is something very calm and special about those hours I find, where If you are not "going to work" as all the people you would meet, you get to appreciate and look at the surroundings (as you wouldnt if you have to worry about catching a bus etc.)
Sitting in a cafe and observing those moments, is also one of my favourites:)
Beautiful shots!:)

That is so true! It would be hard to appreciate that early morning silence if I was on my way to work. :D Luckily, my schedule allows me to have these mornings for myself. So glad you enjoyed the photos!

Yes, it is amazing to create your own schedule, getting up early even though no one tells you, you have to:)

Wow, I love the pictures in the rain and the umbrella there on the ground. I have to hand in a photo project for my initial class in mobile photography and I'm looking for ideas, too bad that in the city where I live, it rarely rains. Excellent work 👍

Thank you very much! Shooting in the rain always fun. But I'm sure you'll find another interesting idea for your project. :)

Great set, I can feel the morning mood in these the rainy streets really enhance that mood.

Thank you very much! :)

Same here mate!!!, feels like its a daily routine

Morning walks are always fun and soothing. :)

Јеси ли направио неку фотографију прошлонедељне литије, @alcibiades?

Nisam, @lighteye, nisam ispratio dogadjaj.

Beautiful shots!