Sunset street photography

Hello, everybody! It's been over a week since my previous post as I had a lot of personal things to finish. But I did still took a lot of photos during that time so let's start sharing.

I sold my old Fuji X100F camera few days ago because I barely used it, so from now on everything will be done with X-Pro2. Starting off with an early morning photo from my window - a thick fog covered the field and painted the sun with defined yellow haze. The pollution is real here unfortunately but at least the ambient for photographing is beautiful.

Following are captures of people gathered at the terrace of the city - Kalemegdan promenade overlooking the confluence of Danube and Sava river. There isn't much choice but to shoot towards the sun or at a slight angle, underexpose and then use postprocessing to bring back the shadow details.

I try to be consistent with color editing even though my style has changed a lot over the years. As you can see I prefer desaturated tones and also avoid vibrant colors like yellows and greens to dominate the photo. I can do a complete Lightroom walkthrough to show how I come up with this particular look, if you are interested.

Standing by the Branko's bridge for these 3 shots - the sun is beautifully peaking below the clouds casting nice orange and dark blue lights, a combination that always works. By turning around and photographing people as they walk by, you can see a beautiful light tones directly in the face and darkened shadows behind.

Back at the fortress for a few love moments. Sun is about to set, always a nice time for couples to enjoy each other's company. Rocks, hills and old structures make for a nice backdrop and there's a lot of different compositions to be tested.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! :)


These are wonderful photos, I was literally thinking this morning that I need to start using Lightroom. Up until now I've only been using Photoshop and I don't think that it's nearly as good as the editing abilities of Lightroom, so I would really love a walk through to see how you get the effect with the muted tones.

I like to mess around with different styles but it really depends on my subject. Sometimes with flowers I want them to be really flashy and other times it's nice if they're a bit washed out and soft. I love how you group the photos into similar colour themes like a moodboard almost.

Thank you very much! Yes, I've always been putting together images that have similar mood and color, it's easy on the eye. :)

For editing collections of photos lightroom is much more convenient than photoshop. Even single images are easier to edit in LR I think, it's really a straightforward process. I'll try to show how I do it in one of the future posts.

I sold my old Fuji X100F camera few days ago because I barely used it

За колико иду овакви половњаци, @alcibiades? Волео бих да имам један са оптичким тражилом, али пошто су још увек скупи, размишљам и о старом, добром X-E3 моделу само са електронским тражилом.

Ja sam mom spustio cenu na oko 500e jer je bio prilicno koriscen. Inace sam retko vidjao ovaj model u prodaji pa ne znam kako se generalno krece cena. X-E3 je sigurno dobar izbor.

the atmosphere in your photos is so inspiring every time!!
love those shots!

I am so glad you enjoy it! Thank you :)

Love the mood! The light is everything :). Well done!

Indeed, everything begins with good light. :) Thanks!

a nice nice sunset view

These are amazing photos! I don't know why but I'm really feeling the impact of the third photograph. It's touching to see that guy holding his girl that way and the atmosphere is just perfect.