Two days of street photography

It was a beautiful sunset at the Kalemegdan fortress. I tried to avoid shooting in the park lately as I've overdone it in the past few years, but this time I was happy to be there. Walking around, it's all about finding interesting compositions and interesting subjects to photograph.

The couple in the first photo was a real catch - a beautiful, passionate moment that I was able to grab quickly. Slightly tilted perspective but I don't think it ruins the photo. Next few shots are people (and dogs) enjoying the panoramic view of the city. I like to have a balance in the composition, left and right side to carry equal weight so that the eye is not concentrated on one side of the photo only. I achieve it by either having multiple subjects positioned with the rule of thirds, or having some interesting detail in the foreground/background be that opposing weight on the scales.

Few more shots from the park and then we go back to the streets. The main pedestrian street, Knez Mihailova, and the nearby area are perfect to find interesting subjects - unfortunately, because of tall buildings surrounding it, the light has hard time getting through. So I either have to visit at certain moments of the day to find these patches of light, or disregard it and try to find other ways to find the photos visually good. At least the architecture of the buildings is beautiful and acts as a nice backdrop. However the plan is to explore areas in the city that I rarely or never visited so far. Stay tuned.

Photos taken with Fuji X-Pro2 and 35mm F/2 lens.


Some of the photos are very interesting and I love to see people relaxing enjoying the beauty of the afternoon.

Thank you and yes, people are using the last moments of summer to go out and enjoy the weather. :)

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