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Being an Influencer is not just perks but also a great responsiblity. I took the time to show photos of my latest events with comments.

While giving a lecture at work for the coming Q3 I was hosted at Halal in Manor st Tel-Aviv.
As you can see interesting collection of sitting options:


This is my dog Skai playing with another dog called Roni I think or something similar. I am not sure whos who. @tomer100 your "Dog for ever" idea makes more sense now:


I also tested negative for covid19 but who cares anymore right? Thanks god:


And here are better photos from the beer and Pizza I got at Gong offices for playing chess:



So many things to be thankful for. Have a great day, don't drink too much beer and don't eat too much pizza and remember to excersize.


😊😁 the dogs look just alike..