I finally Equipped Myself 📸 !

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I finally got the Christmas present I offered myself this year :)

I know that it is not the camera that makes the photographer, but let's say that to a certain extent, it participates in the fact of making beautiful images, both aesthetically and technically! Above all, you have to have something to tell and, if possible, a graphic eye, to be able to render what you see, as you perceive it. A vision of one of the facets of reality and how to record it on film.

I did a lot of research to see what would suit me best. I needed a light camera, capable of making quality images, in terms of resolution, and not too expensive. After several weeks of investigation, I decided on this model which is not very recent, without being too old, I believe it was launched in 2015-2016.

I hesitated a lot with a superior model, but for what I have to do for the moment, this one suits me perfectly and ticks my other criteria. We'll see how it evolves, maybe towards a full frame, but still from Nikon. I also chose this well known brand because I already had several cameras and all my family is equipped with lenses from this manufacturer. It was therefore a kind of obvious choice.

I received the camera with the 18-55mm kit lens, which I knew would not perform well. My idea behind this was to test the different focal lengths to see which one would suit me best and then switch to a fixed focal length.

As I said to myself, the 35mm was the most suitable and a few days later, I went and bought it :)


The camera with the new 35mm f1.8 lens


Above, the camera with the kit lens, 18-55mm.

Capture d’écran 2022-12-30 à 15.34.43.png

But before that, I had to struggle to receive the package of my device... Above, a small excerpt from the final stage of the delivery !




Here, these are my very first tests with the 18-55mm lens... Of course, I have to PRACTICE thoroughly, because let's not lie, I am super rusty ! At least that's the impression and the feeling I have :)


The 35mm lens...





And now, it's my first tests with the 35mm, all with all kinds of settings, ISO, shutter speeds, etc. As I said, I have to work a lot, but it's quite exciting and very motivating !


Now I need to find a bag to go exploring with a light heart because I don't want anything to happen to the equipment! If you have any advice about a small bag that can be put on the shoulder, the smallest possible but big enough for a camera and an extra lens, I'm interested! Something quite aesthetic all the same ^^ :)

For the next step, I'm looking at the 16-80mm f2.8-4 zoom, but that's for later haha !

I hope this article has interested you and if you have any advice, I'd be happy to hear it !

Thanks for reading, see you soon,



J'ai finalement reçu le cadeau de Noël que je me suis offert cette année :)

Je sais que ce n'est pas la caméra qui fait le photographe, mais on va dire que dans une certaine mesure, ça participe tout de même au fait de faire de belles images, autant esthétiquement que techniquement ! Il faut avant tout avoir quelque chose à raconter et si possible, un oeil graphique, arriver à rendre ce que l'on voit, tel qu'on le perçoit. Une vision d'une des facettes de la réalité et comment inscrire celle-ci sur la pellicule.

J'ai fait pas mal de recherches pour voir ce qui me conviendrai le plus. Il me fallait un appareil léger, capable de faire des images de qualité, au point de vue de la résolution, et pas trop cher. Après plusieurs semaines d'investigations, je suis parti pour ce modèle qui n'est pas tout récent, sans être trop vieux pour autant, je crois qu'il a été lancé en 2015-2016.

J'ai pas mal hésité avec un modèle supérieur, mais pour ce que j'ai a faire pour le moment, celui-ci me convient parfaitement et coche mes autres critères. On verra par la suite comme cela évolue, peut-être vers un plein format, mais toujours chez Nikon. J'ai aussi choisi cette marque reconnue car j'ai déjà eu plusieurs appareils et toute ma famille est équipée en objectifs de ce fabriquant. Cela était donc une sorte d'évidence.

J'ai reçu l'appareil avec l'objectif de kit 18-55mm dont je savais très bien qu'il ne serai pas performant. Mon idée derrière tout cela, c'était de tester les différentes longueurs de focales pour voir laquelle me conviendrait le plus pour me tourner vers une focale fixe.

Comme je me l'étais dit, c'est le 35mm qui m'a le plus convenu et quelques jours plus tard, c'est ce que je suis allé acheter :)


L'appareil avec le nouvel objectif 35mm f1.8.


Ci-dessus, l'appareil avec l'objectif du kit, 18-55mm.

Capture d’écran 2022-12-30 à 15.34.43.png

Mais avant cela, j'ai dû batailler pour recevoir le colis de mon appareil... Ci-dessus, un petit extrait de la dernière ligne droite de la livraison !




Ici, ce sont mes tout premiers tests avec l'objectif 18-55mm... Bien entendu, il faut que je PRATIQUE à fond, car on ne va pas se mentir, je suis super rouillé ! En tout cas c'est l'impression et le sentiment que j'ai :)


L'objectif 35mm...





Et là, ce sont mes premiers tests avec le 35mm, le tout, avec touts sortes de réglages, d'ISO, de vitesses d'obturation, etc. Comme je vous le disais, il faut que je travaille énormément, mais c'est assez excitant et très motivant !


Maintenant, il faut que je me trouve une sacoche pour pouvoir partir en exploration le coeur léger car je n'ai pas envie qu'il arrive quelque chose au matériel ! Si vous avez des conseil concernant un petit sac qui peut se mettre à l'épaule, le plus petit possible mais assez grand pour un appareil et une optique supplémentaire, je suis preneur ! Quelque chose d'assez esthétique tout de même ^^ :)

Pour la suite, je regarde le zoom 16-80mm f2.8-4, mais ce sera pour plus tard haha !

J'espère que cet article vous aura intéressé et si vous avec des conseils, je serai ravi de les entendre !!

Merci pour le temps de votre visite, je vous dis à très bientôt,




Oh you copy cat :D
This is the camera I have been using for the past years and I am super happy with it. The kit lens is not bad either.

I would be a liar if I told you that you didn't inspired me haha !

After my round of research, this one seems perfect to me on every points, as much on the budget as on the rest :) I still need a lot of practice, but I'm super happy so far !

Btw, what do you think about the 16-80mm f 2.8-4 zoom ?

I hope you're doing well 🤞 have a nice week !

Congratulations on the new camera
I have a Tenba messenger camera bag in fact I just updated to a new one I find it works great for me

I will look into that.. Thanks you for the advice !

Yey! What a nice feeling of finally having the thing you wanted to purchase! One on the bucket list.

Enjoy taking more great photos.

Yeah, I'm happy I've finally received it ! New adventures begin hehe :)

Thanks you for visiting ! Have a good week ahead 🌿

Fut un temps je m'étais équipé en Marco aussi, sur un nikon également. Un jeu de 4 lentilles pour des sujets différents ...

C'était quand j'habitais encore avec mes parents, du cop j'ai plus rien à l'heure actuelle... souvenirs ...


Ha ! le bon vieux temps héhé ! Tu te rappelles du modèle que tu avais, je suis curieux ;-)

Belle soirée à toi !

J'avue que non c'était même de l'argentique, imagine... Ca date

Congrats on the new camera, looking forward to some great photos!!!! :D

First outing was just today hehe :)

Thanks you 😊 for visiting and encouragements !

Congrats for your new toys! I can't wait to see more results with it!

Thanks you :D First reportage today worked great !

Take care 🌿

Wow, congratulations for that gift, incredible, I plan the same but for this year to be able to buy a camera and take a photography course because it is a dream that I have planned for a long time and I have to work to achieve it.

wao felicidades por ese regalo, increíble, yo planeo lo mismo pero para este año poder comprar una cámara y hacer un curso de fotografía pues es un sueño que llevo planeado desde hace mucho y hay que trabajar por conseguirlo.

Yeah, it's a very nice gift I did to myself :) Now I need to work more haha..!
I cross my finger for you that it will happen soon 🍀🤞 !

Take good care '

That’s awesome, great way to start the year! You must be so excited when it arrived :D The shots were nice, especially the ones using 35mm. Looking forward to more shots!

Yeah ! This was planned to arrive sooner, but it's even more perfect that way :)

Thanks you ! I hesitate to mention you in today's post, don't want to spam haha !

Have an enjoyable evening 🍀

If I can say anything it would be the fact that I am so jealous right now 😂😂 It's something I've been meaning to do for a long time as well


Hahaha ! Still possible for you to join the train ^^ !
Can't wait to try it outside :)

I hope you're doing good, enjoy you week 🌿

They say, there are two types of photographers. Nikons vs. Canons.
I used to be a Canon one for quite a few years and loved it. took the damn thing (and the damn heavy lenses) everywhere. very rewarding and creative.
enjoy !
looking forward to seeing more results ; )

Definitely..! Apparently Canon went more on the video thing and Nikon stayed more on the photography... But I guess both are good at equal quality !

You don't use it so often than before ?

The camera didn't leave the house for the moment, but it will probably occur this week hehe :)

It is all gone. I sold it before Embarking on the Portugal adventure.
but I carry every single image in my mind.

I understand.. That picture is great.. such a beautiful light ☀️

Sometimes, it's important to live adventures without filter !

I hope you're doing well 🤞

Congratulation on your new DSLR! The 35mm 1.8 lens is a good lens. I started with a kit lens before and to be honest it still have its own 'place' to create great photo :D Happy shooting my friend

Thanks you for your visit and encouragement 😊 !! I've a great experience of taking pictures with my Iphone lol... Now the real work begin :D

So you finally did it eh? Nice! Congrats on buying your DSLR, RIP for buying a Nikon though (just kidding). It's nice seeing that you bought a prime lens as well! If you get a 50mm prime, you'll be able to take master-portrait shots as 50mm is converted to about 85mm (which is the perfect focal length for portraits) on a crop-sensor camera.

Enjoy! USE The 35mm a lot! You'll learn a lot if you photograph without having the luxury to zoom (and you'll going to love the quality).

Cheers :)

Yeeah ! Finally :D

RIP for buying a Nikon though (just kidding)

Hahaha ! You're team Canon historically ? Or more Sony, no ?

About the 50, I've indeed seen that with the sensor I've one this one, if I take a non-DX one it would almost be a 85, looking forward to it hehe !

Thanks you for your useful and kind advices as for your encouragements, well appreciated 😊 !

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