Swamp Dweller


Hello Everyone.
Birds from the Ardeidae tribe have a small body size, long legs and neck. In contrast to other types of birds that have a habit of living in trees or forests. However, this type of bird lives in swamps or wet land conditions. I had an absolutely incredible opportunity and today I got my shot on target. Yahh. Today luck has become mine. Actually this white crane is a bit wild so I have to get closer to get the subject. Walk slowly and press the shot button.

I saw the heron looking for small fish in the swamp and several other friends were also looking for bait. Somewhat strangely one of the birds has a yellowish color on the neck and back. I very rarely find a yellow stork because in general the whole body is white.

When I started shooting a few times it seemed the animal knew it so some of it flew away to get away from it. Luckily some of the birds stayed, even if only a few. I didn't pass up the chance because there were only six birds left. The condition of the soil here is slightly watery because the place is a rice field area. It's no wonder the rice fields have a bit of stagnant water.

Here are some of my shots for today. hope you like it.








Camera: EOS M50
Flash used: No
F-Stop: f/7.1
Focal Length: 300 mm
Exposure Time: 1/250 s
ISO: 100
Taken By: @anzirpasai

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the bird is so beautiful. Your photos are so good.

Thank you so much @thaotrantk for stopping by. Have a nice day.

Wow what a lovely post 😍 All the photographs are just amazing. Everything just looks so fantastic. Thanks for sharing 🙏

With pleasure friend. Thanks so much for stopping at my post.

You did a really good job capturing those shoos of the dweller they a beautiful bird!

Thank you very much brother.. These birds often catch rats for food so it is very profitable for farmers.

How much peace and serenity these photographs convey. A beautiful work @anzirpasai ☺️🤗

Thanks for stopping by. I took this photo when the bird was looking for bait. Happy weekend @maridmc .😍