Cycling trip along the Rhône river and the village of Chanaz, France

Here is the continuation of this bike ride that we did a few weeks ago,

a ride that took us last time through the Savoyard vineyards and which today leads us along the Rhône, with the Via Rhona, a cycle path that runs along the banks of this big river.


The Rhône is a major river that has its source in Switzerland and enters France via Lake Geneva,
to then flow into the Mediterranean Sea after more than 500 km of travel on our territory.





We are here crossing the Rhone just after the charming village of Lucey, in the direction of Massignieu de Rives


... the landscapes are sumptuous and the magnificent weather enhances the colors of the river in which the sky and the mountains are reflected in a lovely mix of blue and green



And now we arrive to the Lac du Lit du Roi (the Lake of the King's Bed 😁) ...

this body of water is in fact an enlargement of the course of the Rhône, and that forms a reservoir of about 25 hectares




...and we continue our journey along the Via Rhona where we stop for a few moments near the Lavours dam




and enjoy the magnificent landscape offered by this wide river and the Grand Colombier mountain in the background.


At this time of our walk we are very close to the village of Chanaz where we will soon take a picnic break ...

We sit here in front of this pretty view of houses on stilts on one side ....


and on the other side we see the village of Chanaz behind the canal ...



It is surrounded by these two pleasant views that we rest and enjoy our sandwiches 😋


What is also pleasant are the original boats that sail on this Savieres canal ...






The village of Chanaz is very picturesque, and in normal times very touristy

... obviously we are no longer in normal times, and it is quite sad to see this place without the life that usually animates it, with its restaurants and stalls that remain closed ... 😐




[//]:# (!pinmapple 45.809619 lat 5.789280 long d3scr)




It was time to hit the road, we continued along the banks of the Rhone for a few more kilometers ....




to then fork and find the direction of Lac du Bourget ...


I will show you the following trip in a later post ;-)

Wish you a wonderful week Lovelies !


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Looks like such a beautiful path

Fun travels 😃

we have indeed some beautiful paths to enjoy by bike here...vey lucky we are 😊

I simply adore the soft, dreamy quality of your first shots. The editing is superb, but, the focus is its beauty and you do such a wonderful job capturing it with your lens.

The water traffic was interesting, different modes of transportation, and the people overlooking the bridge. I like how you add interest to the picture and your post. The houses are close because it is the river, but, it looks artistic the way they are built and pushed up against each other. I t looks like a cozy existance. Thank you so much for bringing us part two to this wonderful excursion!

It is a wonderful post! I love it!

Bisous. Bisous.

I'm glad you have enjoyed this trip with us my dear ! I've tried to make you feel the sweetness of the day and the place and I'm happy if succeeded 😊

It was most pleasurable! Thank you for inviting me along!

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Thank you so much!

Wow this must be a very nice place to visit. So many great pictures of the river and your cycling trip. I bet you enjoyed it very much. The green color of the river is really beautiful. I also like how you add interest to the picture and your post. Nice that you also shared the location on Google Maps. I would do this also but since I don't want a lot of people to visit the places with the birds and animals that could disappear when doing so I tend not to share the exact location but only talk about a bigger region most of the Time.

You are right not to share the exact place when it is about animals, they better live still and peaceful 😊
thank_you_poussin.png for your comment @florian-glechner !


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Ha! More daydreaming for me 😁. On my list this area, your pics are gorgeous.

The water looks clean and I wonder if anything good comes out of the situation it's the waters becoming more clean due to less traffic.

One day this place will be full of life again and then you look back thinking about the day when you had it all for yourself😊

The water is indeed very clear, that's why so gorgeous colours coming from the reflection of the blue sky and the green landscapes...😉
thank_you_vache.png for your appreciation @bulldog-joy

Just for your cute drawings I need to comment lol. I like what you are creating :). And the pics make me wanna jump in there. I wanna explore France now...sigh, and so much more.

So peaceful place it seems! I think water of a river is one of the best sound for relaxing time ^_^

Oh yes tI agree ! and for me the other most relaxing sound is the song of crickets in the meadows 😊

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Au moins, tu avais le village pour toi toute seule! Très joli photos ^^

Tout à fait vrai ! la nature reste belle, mais les villages eux manquent un peu de vie sans restaurants et terrasses de cafés, sans marchés et fêtes de village...😉

Oui c'est un peu triste, on verra bien où cela nous mène. Le coin a l'air parfait pour les ballades, et écrire des posts sur HIVE. L'Abbaye de Hautecombe que je vois sur la carte, ça vaut le coup?

Oui c'est très beau..visité il y a très longtemps, il faudrait que j'y retourne pour faire un joli post 😉

What a perfect spot to ride a bike or strolling around 😍😍 The water is so clean and clear. The whole place is awesome!

wow, amazing landscape.

This is really beautiful man from where did you got this this is similar like one of our local lake water!

What a wonderful place for a long bicycle trip! Beautiful photos as always... makes me wish I was there!

You would take better photos than I do with my Ipad anyway 😉😁
Thanks for your appreciation Keith !

I don't think it's about the equipment used... I would recognize one of your photos anywhere. You have a very unique style of your own!

My oh my its such a beautiful place.

This images are immaculate.. they don't seem to be real. Too good to be true!

Except my usual edits, these photos are just true 😄

I know, it's just magnificent to the eyes. The place looks like from a different world. It's just so pleasing and beautiful. ^^

Very much transparent and beautiful crystal water

Thank you Pix !


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