Hilly french countryscape and old monuments

It's been several weeks since I posted anything so here are some pictures for you,

taken on a May Sunday among one of the beautiful landscapes of our French countryside.



that day, we went to Chatillon en Michaille, in the department of Ain which borders with the department of Haute-Savoie where I live.
Whatever the department, the Rhône-Alpes region is a magnificent part with varied landscapes, which offers a multitude of contrasts, colors, reliefs, and it is always a pleasure to stop and take pictures of the most exciting places.

So here we are at the top of a hill where we stopped to admire the surrounding landscape and below

We found this statue there which, given its dominant position and the beautiful landscape that surrounded it, obviously got to become the target of some photos that I share here with you






It's hard to deny that nature is profuse of its beauty here and the hilly landscape is always the one that most appeals to my heart ...


Below, the landscape is also intriguing, with a house flanked by a tower that bears witness to ancient times and that seems to have been renovated with a lot of attention,

Of course it immediately makes us want to go down and take some photos of this building whose beauty we can already guess ...😉



And here is this pretty little property, very cleanly renovated,
with its lovely little park and century-old tree 😊



[//]:# (!pinmapple 46.145909 lat 5.798492 long d3scr)


This is where this tour ends,

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday, filled with peace and joyful kindness 😘




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Such a lovely tour through the beautiful French countryside! I am a huge fan of the rolling hills there (and here) and the landscape that you show off.

The architecture is so beautiful on the piece of property, the tower gives it a fairytale touch. I cannot imagine owning something like that! A stunning find, Barbara! @barbara-orenya Thank you for sharing the beauty!

Have a super Sunday!

Heart On A Course (L).png

It was enchanting indeed to see this piece of architecture, and in such a lovely place likewise...😉
Thank you my dear Denise and a_floweryday1.png

❤️ You are always a pleasure!

you always share so many beautiful scenery with us!!!

I'm glad you enjoy them @livinguktaiwan 😊 In France here, it's quite usual and common places, as we are really surrounded by much beauty, and I think what is important is to never be blind to that just because we see it everyday....that might be the reason why I show it with some effects on the photo, maybe to emphasize the extra-ordinary-ness of the thing we tend to mundanely consider...
thank_you_snail.png much for your visit and your comment ! 😘

YAY Soooooo beautiful!!! I like how soft and appealing these pictures are. You really did this countryside and that statue justice with your pictures!
This makes me want to visit France again. I haven't been in over three decades. The only thing stopping me is figuring out how I can bring my dog... 🤔

Ooh where were you in France ? 😊
i can not deny I live in a beautiful country in terms of landscapes, thanks much for your visit on my post and maybe you will come for real one day, who knows ? 😁
Have a bigwigpig_delightfulday.png @corvidae!

When I was a wee 7 years old, my family stayed in Nice with some friends for a little over a month. We also visited Paris and took a train to Florence, but the countryside around Nice was my favorite. Poppies everywhere!

I really like your pics, they always have this dreamy atmosphere with a little touch of magic. I don't know how to describe it but whatever you do with those pics I like it. 😊

I'm happy you are sensitive to the atmosphere I give to my photos @bulldog-joy 😊 Of course, the places themselves are beautiful, which helps greatly to the task ...😉
smileycat_thank_you.png for your appreciation and your comment !

For sure...but still, you give them the little something...I know I say it all the time but I dig your drawings 😄

It looks sooo idyllic 😁 .. Beautiful, as always 😉

Haha, I love to add a paradise touch 😁 thank_you_whale.png very much for your visit @adalger !

Lovely lovely photos. It seems like anywhere in France is a photographer's dream. Great tour of this place. You have transferred residence already?

Oh no the transfer will not occur this year, probably in two years or such, unless we find in the next months both the place and the money...😁So this is a project for now...😉 but anyway we will have to leave because the house in which we are renting our apartment has been sold to a real estate developer who intends to demolish it to build a building in a year or two ...😅

Thank you much for your comment @gems.and.cookies and dragon_heart_joyful_day.png !

Oh, how I miss your posts dear Barbara.
It feels the time has stopped there. So nice and tranquil.

thank_you_poussin.png @nelinoeva 😊

I agree with you, time seems different and this is why I enjoy so much going to countryside in such beautiful surrounding, everything is quiet and not as busy like in the city, life seems to me more true, and at least more deliciously enjoyable ...😉

I liked so much, the smooth effect in the pics are great, did you use a filter on the lens or in the edit?

bunny.png @divadstrokes
I edit my photos in the Snapseed app and apply my own settings on them 😉

Wow, I was immersed myself by iconic countryside. The scenery is stunning an peaceful.
I can send you a slice of pizza as well

Ha ! i'm happy you enjoyed the immersion 😁 thank_you_vache.png for the pizza @jacuzzi 😉

You're so welcome
Have a nice day.



@barbara-orenya! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @jacuzzi.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at hive.pizza

These remind me of my happy days visiting France, when I lived in the UK....many moons ago. Blissful photos @barbara-orenya

Glad it reminded you some happy memories @buckaroobaby ! 😊 ty_l_phant.png

Nothing beats the French countryside. Those are beautiful pictures. Looks like a great place to hike and just generally wander around.

are you still staying in France ? How lucky you are to be able to travel and discover the country ! 😊

thankyousnail.png for your comment @leaky20 😉

Yes we are still here and plan to be until December 2022 if things go to plan and yes we are very lucky. Theres so much to do and see here. Its such a beautiful country.

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thankyou_lion.png very much @ecency ! 😊

Fallen in love with this beautiful landscape!

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The scenery is really wonderful ☺️

@barbara-orenya Greetings milady, I have just subscribed to #featheredfriends, as I discovered that I was unsubscribed. Do you know why?

oh no, don't know why that sort of things happens...🤔Maybe sometimes we un-follow people or groups by mistake, it did happen too me also on past time and never knew how it happened....

Bonjour, @barbara-orenya !! We miss you! I hope all is well with you!❤️

Bisous! Bisous!

I'm fine my dear @dswigle ! Truth is I don't post anymore, well I have no more time since 8 months that I'm working with the elderlies and the only thing I do on Hive is curation for Feathered Friends community 😊 Hope you fine too my dear !artist_et_tableauredim.png

I have seen that you haven't been posting but didn't know that you took another job. But, that makes sense with COVID. I am glad to hear you are well and I wish you many wonderful moments! ❤️

Stunning! Your photos are adorable! This effect just makes them look amazing - I like it very much :)