Do Trees Die Standing Up?

Do trees die standing up? Well, not always. Death can be normal, by old age, or a violent death. In general, trees die of old age standing up. Violent death knocks them to the ground when they are still in power. Violent death can be caused either by people or by the unleashed nature, that is, by storms.

Winter is still trying to control its season. So far, over her season they have fought both autumn and spring, having a terrible ally... global warming!

It has been raining and snowing for two days. The result is a watery and very heavy snow. I never imagined this could be a threat to trees.

Very close to my house is a park, not too big but pleasant to walk. A park where there are a lot of centuries-old trees. The remains of extensive forests called Codrii-Vlasiei. To build their houses, roads and neighborhoods, people have caused the violent death of many trees. In the nearby park are the remains of the forest, preserved because people still needed nature in the big city.

The snow started at night and the next morning we went for a walk in the park. Winter is ugly in the city, people do their best to get rid of snow, because of the benefit of comfort and cars. In the parks it remained the only place where winter can still show its beauty. I went to the park, early in the morning, to see the untouched snow and I witnessed a murder! Killing of trees by snow.


There were two trees, brothers in one root. Now they have fallen to the ground. There was no storm but a little wind and snow full of water that managed to collapse the trees.



The trees probably blamed the people for what happened and I can't contradict them. They probably know better. They took revenge. They took revenge on people and their cars!


What I saw made me sad. The only remedy for sadness was a walk in the park, to be alone and to admire the remaining trees.


Old trees that can be felled to the ground at any time, but also the new generation of young trees, hope for the future.


I went home sad that the long-awaited snow could have caused such an unpleasant event. How did I know the heavy snow was the cause? Because I saw its effect on my little bamboo "forest".


Fortunately, bamboo is a fighter and a survivor. The elasticity and hardness of its stems saved him. After shaking the snow off its leaves, the bamboo rose again!


My little yard was also changed by the snow mixed with the rain. In the park I photographed with my smartphone but in the yard I wanted to be more creative and I took the camera. I photographed for the first time in RAW mode.

At first it was just rain.



Then the snow began to settle over the flowers and bushes that they thought would escape without the cold winter cloak. Global warming, the ally of autumn and spring, has not yet won the battle with winter!





The bamboo bell is waiting to announce that the winter is over and all the green will appear again. The new spring green. We have a little more to wait, about two months!


This is what winter looks like in the city. I'm not really a fan but I'm still an observer. Winter must be lived because we do not know how long we will meet with it. It might disappear. Of course, this will not happen in our lifetime but it seems that the future will be hotter!


This is such a beautiful post @bluemoon. There is a great sadness indeed at the death of any tree, especially those that have had their roots planted firmly for many years. My mom for one I know had an incredible heart connection to trees and the callous manner in which mankind disrespects and disregards them.

Always wonderful to find others who truly appreciate their majestic beauty as well as their importance.

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad you remembered your mother, I read her wonderful posts about gardening. I'm sorry I have to refer to the past now when I talk about her.
Trees are one of the wonders of this world, they were before us on earth and now people do not behave very nicely with them.

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Thank you!

The snow is wreaking havoc, I hope the winter passes soon and the trees recover

That's what I want, but the real winter hasn't come yet. February will probably be the peak.

How sad! You know I have a love for my trees, my loyal knights that watch over my neighborhood. It is something I post about from time to time. How can you not show respect to your "elders?"

"Die standing up."

That you love trees so much, respect their place in our lives so much, warms my heart. What an interesting thought, Dan. @bluemoon I guess I have never thought about it in that manner, but it is your heart and the way you love nature that makes you as in tune as you are.

Good to see you again, Dan. It seems like forever~!!

Yes, I know about your love for nature, flowers and trees, how many posts I read in #treethusday ...
You missed here for a while, and I missed, I posted more in Leo Finance, I mean I tried to post because I'm not very good at finance so much that I can write something interesting.
Now, on the way back, Hive seems a little foreign to me, changed ...

Yes!! To me also. So many are gone now. I dont have the same feeling as I once did, but, I am trying to resurrect them and hope by continuing to post, it will feel better.