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RE: Memory Lane😌 - A Photography Contest?

🤔 just went through old pics in my folders because of the anniversary of a sad event tomorrow. Went down the memory lane for sure looking at all of them.
Would some of them be still eligible for joining in even though they are not in da cloud? Just making sure lol. Somehow this week I seem to be drawn to photography contests 😄 .

Either way, dwelling in memories is nice, no matter the reason why we do so.

Wenzday? For sure? Best name 😂


I am keen to sad events as well. You ever see that movie called 'Inside Out'? I think it is directed toward pre-teens, but it is animated and very well describes emotions and how sad ones lead to good ones and visa vi.


I have seen the movie. Good one 🙂.

You know what, since we have a storm going on, which means my TV is down the whole daylittle cry here I am going to pick 5 old pics that had me thinking yesterday and join your little contest. If you don't mind. Ummm the community it will be posted in doesn't matter right?

No, as long as you have the #memorylane tag so I can find it 😎