Ya, I have noticed the white hairs on the purple one are pretty long. In about 7 days, I will be looking closely at the trichomes to see how they all look before I decided to send them to the dark for a few days before harvesting.

Yeah smart thinking bro! I fell like the Photo flower will impress you more then the autos. But the fact of finishing fast is very appealing when it comes to autos

You took the words out of my mouth. Be careful thinking something is "almost ready" and remember you can have quite a bit of amber trichomes before you harvest. It's not like if you see one amber tric you have to harvest 🤣 Good luck they look excellent.

I'm not sure these plants are "almost ready." That's a good thing though.

Ya, I like a nice mixture of amber trichomes and milky ones. I prefer to have a bit more amber trichomes in them as well, so I am sure that these have a little longer than I had thought.