Celebrating the fourth birthday of my son ☺


Yesterday we celebrated the fourth birthday of our son.


My wife and I were very happy about the event !


Even him was so happy about that, and he enjoyed !


He especially liked the cake and the candle. ☺


We lit the candle a few times, and he put out it again.


Then we get out, and the weather was nice. I liked to take that shot when the sun lighted a building, even with almost a full clouded sky.


Even some rays were so visible in the part with clean sky.


I took a picture of flowers, and it went like a drawing.


Then we took him to a kid park, where he enjoyed even more.


Even we enjoyed and played a bit there.


It was a place with soft ball to shot in a target.

It was one of the best birthday of my son.

It's great to spend time with family. ☺


Wow that's so cool, beautiful family 👪
Happy birthday to him, hope his got Hive account and playing Splinterlands 😃

Thanks a lot. In fact, he has already an account, I just didn't post from that account yet. I'll find time to create his content there. The account is @hivebaby . ☺

Hahaha awesome! Tag me me to give him support when he posts 😃

I love that four design on top of that cake.
A big happy birthday to your young dude. He's now getting older and wiser. I wish him many more years ahead.

Thanks a lot. That design is cool for sure. ☺

Yeah, and the candle on top sums it up😊

A very happy birthday to our @hivebaby 😊🤗
Family time is the best, you've got a really cute family there.

Cheers! To you guys🥂🍾

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Wow ! That is pretty good, see the happiness of your son in his eyes. I wish him success, joy, long life, prosperity in all his life,good wealth in good health and he wl grow big to take care of you too. Once again thank for making him happy and beliving in you and his daddy.

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Thanks a lot. It's a great comment. ☺

Happy birthday for your son! and have a fun!

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Wow, so beautiful. Regards and Best wishes your son, God bless him. He is so cute and looks exactly like you. Such a sweet family, so adorable. 😊 Keep enjoying and smiling. Have a good day !LUV !PIZZA

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Thanks a lot. ☺

Wow 4 already 👍

Yeah, a long time.

Happy birthday, enjoy the quality time with your son.

Thanks a lot. ☺