Cool Street Art in Russia !


I visited relatives recently and on my way back, I took some pictures around.


I crossed under that bridge where the river is passing !


And I found street art on a wall there. it seems drawn in 2001.


I don't really understand what's written there, but in that one it seems like the word SARS. Ah, I just noticed that's new one made in 2021, and it's maybe for sure SARS. Interesting to see the name of the virus there !


This one seems ''BOOW''. A cool one, by the way. ☺


That's seems ''One wave'' in blue and the orange one is ''Black''. Interesting ones, by the way. Maybe they mean the waves of the pandemic, who knows. I don't know that's in mind of those who draw that. Interesting that they drew that in 2019, almost when everything started !


I wish I understand that one. Seems Chinese for me.


I don't understand that as well. The first word seems Russian for me and the second in not clear.


This one also looks a bit like ''Sars''. It's interesting what they meant by FTP.


That one seems ''WORK''. It's interesting how they choose those words. Maybe randomly. ☺


And the last one, seems like ''SENOK'' or something like that. Maybe just random letters.

It's really awesome when we consume the art we don't understand that much.

I just like to see that in the street. It gives me some sense of freedom.


Street art can be amazing, capture the eye, it would be interesting to learn what meaning is. Art done similar to tattoo makes is easier to fully enjoy.

Not a nice area with water flowing through under the bridge, perhaps artists in hiding!

@tipu curate

Yeah, that place is really hidden. I always pass through that place when I visit my relatives, but I never noticed that for years. Only this year I looked at that place. It's crazy how we can pass some places and never notice something interesting unless we focus on that. ☺

Thanks a lot for the support !

Street art started similar to that now one can end up seeing some amazing artwork.

Will be interesting to know what the meaning is, time taken to paint so big must have meaning.

Unfortunately street artists don't get the recognition they deserve, even though some don't necessarily bother. Street art is pretty cool and can be used to send a powerful message by activists

Yeah, that's why they just draw for fun. It's a crazy world where talented people are under valuated and people who do nothing almost have so many followers. I mean those useless videos on the web that are not bringing any value, but getting millions of views.

The first one is quite a cool art and 8th one which I don't understand but like it.

Maybe one doesn't have to understand art to like it after all just like liking a particular music without understand the lyrics.

Yeah, the first is the best one, that's why I put it there.

It's a nice comparison to compare this to music. You're right, we rarely think about the lyrics when we like a song. ☺

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Подробности во вчерашнем посте.

Поправьте ссылку, пожалуйста. Она идет как created/hive-111711 , не хватает

Да, точно. Поправил. Спасибо. 🙂

I am a huge fan of art and artist because they have some really good imagination power and when you have imagination you can achieve anything and seriously I am very fascinated by that how do they do it

That's great. I also like to see that in the streets.

These are nice designs, each conveying separate meaning.
Drawn 2001? That's a long time ago!

Oh, how I love street art. I do see street artworks around my vicinity but I haven't had the chance to take some shots.

I wish someone explained the meaning of that. ☺

You should take shots and share them for sure. I see many people here like street art. ☺

Hehe, that is know by the artists alone. The viewers could read the meaning in different ways.

And yes, people love street art.