Green Indonesia

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Hello hiveans :)

Hope you are doing well.
I haven't post anything in Photography Lovers community for almost a week, so it is time for few shots I took in Indonesia 2017. They show beauty of natural green colour.

Enjoy the photos and enjoy your Saturday!












Woow.. Gambar yang sangat menakjubkan...
Apakah ini lokasinya di Bali ?

Ohhh my...
I don't have a clue what are you asking :)
Tough language to learn, so I don't know any word.
Ok, Bali I understand :)
If you are asking if photos are from Bali, the answer is yes :)

I thought you understood Indonesian. I am amazed to see your picture. very extraordinary picture.

Greeting from aceh, Indonesia

No worries :)
I am glad to read some of your language.
I just visited Indonesia once, so no time to learn language..

These are incredible. I love the green in them all. I really appreciate the symmetry in the second image. Really cool shots man. You've gone and done it again! hahaha

Yea man rice fields are amazing. Offers great photography opportunity. I am used of green from my homeland, but this green is different.
Thanks for your support!

I love the fresh green from the images! A really deep breath of air we need right now since the autumn had come and I already miss the green scenery :)

Thanks Gabriela,
I really liked these rice fields as you can not see anything similar here in Europe.
And yes, autumn is here so we all miss green. Hopefully some white will follow and than soon to green again :)
Have a great Sunday!

Oh, I'm not so impatient to see the winter come, haha. But time flies especially during this period!

Have a great Sunday too!

Wow this are Rice Fields? Such a beautiful green.

Yes these are Rice Fields from Bali.
It is great place and there are so many of them across Indonesia.

This makes me miss Bali. I have similar shots and their rice terrace is different from any other places in Indonesia.

I also still have some other rice terrace shots from Indonesia. How good this post was accepted I will share them soon for sure. Nature is beautiful and these rice terraces prove it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Hah! I would recognise those paddy terraces anywhere :D (I think! lol) They are gorgeous and amazing!

They are not only good looking, but the end product is one of my favourite dishes :)
I think I know what I will have for lunch today...