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RE: Photography Lovers Community Contest: Calling All Photographers

These are some really amazing photos. Macro photography is one I really want to improve on. I've captured a few with my entry level Cannon but feel I need a better lens to get the shots I really want. I'm sure though I could still get some neat ones even with the camera I have but I just need to take time to practice the skill.

Reblogged to save these tips and pointers, thanks for sharing ;)


Thanks for the reblog and taking the time to read and comment! Truly, some of those macro shots in this post are taken with a digital camera that has 8 mega-pixels. Your entry-level Cannon is far superior than mine was/is. How many Mega-Pixels does yours have?

Some of the lens set ups are incredible for Macro, and to get what you want can be difficult when we are picky and our own best and worst critics. I would encourage you to give your Macro a go for the contest! I have seen some of your shots and would encourage you to liberate yourself and just have fun!

Thanks for your time and your kind words! I went through my hard drive on this laptop and picked some of my favorites... not even the best. I lost most of my best photos from my old laptop and an external drive when they both crapped out. Sometimes you just gotta make due! I do miss my old mushroom photos from Sweden though! hahaha

For sure! I found these tips very helpful ;)

Mine is a 18 MP. I think it was more of an impatient type of deal I was going through. I didn’t realize how hard it was to get a clear focused macro shot until I tried it. Geez, took me about 20 minutes to get my first decent shot. Lol

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I’ll see if I can make the time to enter with something unique. If not this time I sure would love to participate in the future. I love the way you all are running this with a choice to choose which tier to enter in.

Oh gosh that stinks. So sorry you lost those. As you said sometimes we gotta make due :)

That's funny! Most of those shots with my favorite macro camera... my Canon, was only 8MP. One thing that helped me steady my camera was to stabilize my hand.

I would wrap the cord around my wrist until there was no slack and then use that to support the camera in my shooting hand. Then i would usually use my elbow on a knee and stabilize my shooting hand with the elbow-supported hand. It's a bit awkward but you essentially become your own tripod. If you are standing you can use your elbows to stabilize a bit if you have something to lean against. That can be a big time saver if you are just hovering around trying to get the shot.

I tried to not look at each shot as i took them and just get a bunch. I would then go and see which ones were worth keeping and delete the poor shots as i edited. That took some pressure of the shooting session.

I do hope you can find time to join this one since it's Macro... but i know you are a busy gal. I am not sure what next week's theme will be but no pressure. Get in where you fit in!

Really? Only an 8 MP? Wow. That shows me it's an operator's error lol, that's on me to learn how to use my equipment properly to get better results.

Sweeeeet! More tips that will help me. One of the reasons for my frustration is that our camera stand doesn’t get tall enough for most of the shots I try to take. I know with macro you do need a stable camera. I will better try to use my body to be the stabilizer...thanks for that :D

Thanks again. I’ll keep an eye out for these contests so I can try to get in on time ;D

I call it magic.... hahahha

I'm super glad that anything i said would/could be helpful. I always stress it's not what you use but how you use it when it comes to tools and cameras etc. I wouldn't call it an operator error but a learning experience! hahaha

I will be keeping an eye out for you! Cheers! =)

Hahaha love it!

Okay let’s call it a learning experience lol! Yea I could definitely take more time with getting to know my equipment better. I’m one of those “I need to know everything I need to know now”! 🤪 In reality it does take time and practice.

Yay Cheers!!

Practice makes perfect! I am sure experience will be your greatest teacher...

I agree!

Heee heee love those memes! Okay let me get to practicing! 😅