Color correction of photos in Photoshop using third-party plugins (part 2)

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Hi friends!

Consider another plugin - Viveda from Final Impact


Its interface resembles the Hue / Saturation adjustment layer settings in Photoshop.
It is very simple to work in it.
Uploading a photo (in this case it was an orchid taken on a mobile phone)


Opening the plugin


Then I move a sliders (as you can see, three colored circles mean a color shift by channels in RGB mode - red, green and blue -, and three small round icons in each of them, opposite the sliders - brightness, contrast and saturation)
In this case, I also make a photo more nice - I increase a shade of yellow in a highlights and remove blue from blue channel in order to draw out the dark shadows on a lower flower.


Lighting is noticeably leveled!


This plugin has a set of ready-made built-in presets (open with this icon)



With their help, I applied my favorite technique of "tone breakdown according to plans" to a photo with a willow (main shot in the post)

I copied the layer with the photo twice


then for the first copy I chose the ready-made preset Faded Red


And for the second - PushBlueSaturation


Then, using the mask, I developed the lower layer through the upper one.


An main object in a photo becomes voluminous, as in a 3D scene!


Or can it be like this...


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