I think my cat is broken

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Photo by me

Seriously, kind of a face is that?


Dusty is such a weirdo. He is always making weird faces like this one. I caught him mid yawn with this. I think I need to have my camera ready when I wake up the cats from a nap cause they all yawn after I wake them up and it makes for some really funny faces.


Photo by me

I brought him outside and he spent most of the time in one spot just watching Harley run around the yard messing with the neighbor's dogs.


Photo by me

He eventually started to move around, but he didn't go too far once he noticed that I had backed away from him.


Photo by me

I used a 100mm lens to get these pictures and when he noticed that I wasn't right next to him anymore, he got scared and wanted to be back with me.


Photo by me

The whole time I was out there with Dusty, Franky was just sitting at the window meowing. So I guess I should get going and let him play outside for a while. I need to get a little backpack that I can put Franky in while I go OneWheeling. I think he would love that.


That would be bad ass to take him OneWheeling! haha. I'm not a huge cat person in general (I dont dislike them, but prefer dogs), but I think your cats are my favorite. They are super cute haha.

My cats can be stupid sometimes. Like last night, Franky was going crazy in the middle of the night and was jumping all over my face. I have to throw him upstairs and close the basement door to keep him away.

lol. He loves you 😆

Cats can be such dorks. We gave Leo crab one day and he turned into a Goblin.

Ya they can. Tonight Franky jumped on the counter and spilled a jar of enchilada sauce all over the kitchen floor.

Now you make me want a cat :)

Go and get one.

Hahahaha that Dusty is tremendous, his shocked face when he noticed you were no longer on his side was funny.

Ya. He is a weirdo.

Franky has a built in clown face ..🤡

Ya. He is a weirdo.

Omgosh what an adorable kitten - I want!!!

He is fun

Joker cat, is that you? 😱😁