Love the band performances at football games

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During halftime at my daughter's homecoming football game, her school band had a performance out on the field during half time. Growing up, I always thought marching bands were so cool. It really does take a lot of skill to play your instrument while walking, but to march in unison with a bunch of other people and still stay on the beat is pretty hard.

I have grown up some places where the different school bands are the ones to watch at sporting events. Some high school and college marching bands are insane with what they can do. This isn't the case for my daughter's school though. Their football team is pretty bad and their band isn't that much better. I do think the band was more entertaining than the football game though.

One thing I never really like with marching bands and band in general is the uniform that they have to wear. It is like something out of the olden days and just looks so dated. It would be cool to see the band kids wearing something that doesn't look like they have to go relieve the Queen's Guard after they are done performing.

Even though this band wasn't that great, it was still cool to be there with my daughter and get some pictures. Hopefully I can talk my daughter into logging into Hive and share the pictures she took because they are pretty awesome.

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Yep, my daughter is a trumpet player and it's her senior year. No missing any home games for me! They don't travel with the team so we don't have to do all that. But then we have basketball season, lol. Lot of tunes. She basically runs her band, actually did last year when her teacher got let go because she wouldn't get vaxxed and moved to Texas, lol. But yeah, this year is a better year for her and I am happy for her! She has actually written 2 of the compositions they are playing, lol.

These are the moments life is all about!

That is so awesome for her. Cherish these times man. They go too fast.

Yep, I am at that age, lol. My youngest is 18 and a senior, oldest is 23, lol, I am 40, so the second half is just beginning! 😂

Bands are always so cool. But I agree with you about the clothes, they need to change something. I hope you can convince Addie to share something with us. Your photographic talent is genetic.

I must say that your sincerity made me laugh a lot!!!!!
The band is bad, the team is bad hahaha.
The good thing is that in spite of everything you are there supporting your daughter and that together is the beauty of our job as parents.
In Venezuela there are no such scolar bands and I have only seen them in movies from the United States and I find it incredible how beautiful they sound and how coordinated they are.
On the other hand, I do love the uniforms hahaha.
The pictures were too beautiful!!!!

I was in band played trumpet it's pretty cool to go with the grid iron

Nice. I was a tuba player back in the day.

Very good work friend, I love this type of documentary photography where an event that only happens once is portrayed, at the same time I love how in all the images you can see the dazzling and minimalist play of blue and gold colors.

I find your images very lively and looking at them I can even hear the band playing. They are really very good photos.

Thank you

I don't like uniforms either. Something to reflect the spirit of youth would be better. But I guess most of the people like this kind of uniform because it is different.

Ya, the uniforms are pretty dorky.

Hello my friend, it is great to share with your daughter the sports activity
I hope you enjoy spending time with your family