One plant is almost ready for harvest

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GG#2 is slowly fattening up.

One thing I love about the Gorilla Glue seeds that I got from Growers Choice Seeds is that they fatten up really nicely and are covered in so many trichomes. Another thing I love about them is that they grow super fast and are ready for harvest after only about 8 weeks. I still have about one more week before the first gorilla glue is about 8 weeks old, so I am going to be watching that one close this week and deciding if it is ready for harvest or not.

I am hoping that I can free up some room in the big tent soon so that the GDP can really stretch out and start to spread out along the first layer of the netting. I did trim the lower portion up a bit that is under the net so that there is plenty of airflow under the canopy that is forming. Once the first gorilla glue is ready for harvest, I will be switching the lights to a 12/12 cycle to induce flower. At that time, I will most likely be moving the second gorilla glue out of the big tent to keep it on its 18/6 light cycle.

Once the second gorilla glue is done, I am going to be starting another northern lights seed in a seven gallon pot. I have never grown an auto flower in such a big pot, but I am hoping that doing so will really increase the size of that plant and increase the harvest. One thing I have been learning throughout all my grows is that the roots are one of the most important aspects of a healthy plant and how to increase your yield. So having a seven gallon pot will give that plant a lot of room to spread out. The soil I am using is also one of the best things I have found to make healthy plants.

So far, this grow with the new soil have gone amazingly. The weather has really been good lately and I have been able to keep the temperatures in the upper 60s before the lights turn off and the temp while the lights on only has been getting up to 75. It has been pretty dry here though, so my humidifier has been working overtime and I have been adding water almost daily. I have been keeping the humidity in the tent at 50-55% and the plants seem to really like that.

Well that is it for this week's update. Hopefully the second gorilla glue begins to get fat like the other one. If it does fatten up like the other one, it will have a pretty huge yield. There are several really large flowering sites that have started and I am hoping that they fill in and start to look like corndogs.

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Very awesome pictures bro! That camera lens really brings out the detail in those buds! I could almost smell them! 🤣 Awesome post man can't wait to see the harvest on the GG!

First post I saw since my day off. And I could not ask for anything better. Pure fire dude. And nice on the SGROG, you’ll bump up your yield for sure

Thanks homie. I can't wait to start flower on the GDP and get that second layer of net in there.

Looks like it's well on its way to becoming your best harvest. All that work you put into your plants is paying off, man. It's great. I hope everything goes well and you have a very good harvest as you expect.

Thanks man. I am hoping that they continue to do so well. Each grow I have had, I have learned a lot.

sharp photos looks good too a lot of frost

Thanks homie.

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You are going very well planned. You even calculate temperature and humidity. That's incredible. You are amazing.

Thanks. I've learned a lot over the past year and a half growing so that I can grow the best cannabis.

The macro photos are great! Nature is full of wisdom and magic. Greetings!

Thanks man

We have forgotten the value of planting trees. Nature is showing its rage in the form of climate change. You're doing such a beautiful thing. ❤️

Ya, trees are important.

Greens!!!! Lovely growth !!! Where are you breeding this from ?