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RE: An Early morning walk on Knowles beach

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I love the stacking going on! I have seen that done all over the world and it still makes me smile. I see most of them at the shores of water and at the cemetery. No lie.

The blue of the photo is exquisite and the light causes the objects in the image to look just a bit cooler than they actually are., hence the blueish coloring.

I think it looks spectacular and Knowles Beach is beautiful!


I too love seeing the stacking, but I dont think I have ever seen it done in a cemetery

in Milford there was one guy who built some amazing stone sculptures I was always looking out for his art, as he did it in various places

KNowles beach is really nice no doubt i will be visiting there again

I've only seen it in Arlington, so probably thar doesnt count..They do their own thing sometimes.

So many nice beaches there!

Thats kind of cool with the guy from Milford.

the fact that they do it there counts for sure, and no doubt it is done elsewhere as well