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When the covid-19 pandemic started to affect countries throughout the world, the first measure that most of the governments took was to close down all non-essential businesses, stores, offices etc., among which there were the art galleries as well. Who needs art when your life is in danger, right? After two or three months of lockdown (I'm not sure when they opened), The other day I saw the amateur artist gallery open and without any visitors inside. The prefect occasion to go in and have a look. I like these galleries, better than well known artists work as you may find great artworks at a better price, let's say pocket friendly price.

The theme of the exhibition was The Old Age. Usually they are announcing the theme in advance and artists decide if they join, then select their artworks that fit the theme. The Old Age is a theme that means the world to some artists as a good subject can tell a lot of stories, an old face or an old hand can reveal a lot.

Let's start with a few of my favorite paintings.


The minute I spotted this painting, I knew they could not show me a better one. Look at the joy and happiness on the old women's face. She's so happy to give you those gorgeous red apples. She looks like a typical old lady from the village, behind her the old house with the straw roof, also typical in my country. This is how houses looked like many years ago. The details of the painting are amazing. The hand, the wrinkled face, her clothes, everything.


This was the first painting at the entrance and became my favorite right away in that category. I love buildings, architecture and medieval buildings, castles, plus every house, building made of stone. The colors are perfect and looking at the painting I can imagine myself walking on that street, under those arcades. There are plenty of places like this in Europe, in Romania too, we don't have to go far.


Old age doesn't mean old people only. Nature has the ability to renew itself but trees and plants get old. That is inevitable but it doesn't mean there's no beauty in an old, dry tree. The orange sunset is a nice background here, it makes the tree more interesting, beautiful.


A sculpture made of clay (I believe) of another old lady from the countryside. Clay sculpture is on my bucket list, I've always wanted to try it out but never did. When seeing a lovely sculpture like this, I always regret it, although I know I would be terrible at it.


This is another portrait that seemed genuine to me. I'm not an artists and don't have art studies, I'm judging an artwork by what is tells me, how it makes me feel. This is another portrait that seemed genuine to me, although I wouldn't buy it.


The old man is fixing his scythe. This is like a real scene you see in villages. Old people sitting on a bench in front of their house, talking to each other while working on something. Old village life. Some people are still using scythe to cut grass. It's hard work but they grew up using the scythe and some won't change.


This one seemed a bit too colorful to me, but otherwise the artist did a very good job, portraying an old couple from the countryside, looks very real.


There was a desk in front of these paintings, so this is the best I could do. Buildings, my kind of art, so I'd be happy with three of theses. Can you guess which ones?


Here it is, another favorite of mine. The color combination is amazing. I know it may not mean much to others as we are all different but this one, along with the old lady with the apples, stuck in my mind. I wish I had plenty of space to buy every artwork I like. Most of the artworks were for sale and I hope people started buying, although everyone's budget got affected by this crazy pandemic.

This is my first post here and I'm not sure if it fits, derangedvision may kick me out for not respecting the rules. The content of this post doesn't fit in the art channel as it is about art but I'm not the artist here, it's not my art. As photography, the quality is not the best as these were taken at an art gallery but on the go with my mobile phone, while the conditions were ... as they were. This is a gallery for amateur artists, so investment in the gallery is basically non existent, the light during the day is what comes in from outside through the windows, not to mention the difficulties I had to face when trying to find the best angle. My first goal was to take pictures of the artworks as who knows when (if ever) I will see these paintings, sculptures again. Quality kind of came second here but I did what I could. Anyway, if it doesn't fit the community profile and requirements, my apology.

This is my contribution to #marketfriday, hosted by @dswigle. I hope you enjoyed these paintings and sculptures. Stay tuned as there's more to come next week, this is only a part of what I saw there.


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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 11 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Thanks for sharing these amazing paintings and the sculpture. I enjoyed viewing each one!
Have a wonderful day, and take care @erikah 🥰🌺🤙

I'm really glad to hear you've enjoyed them thanks for stopping by and have a nice evening, also stay safe 🙂

Wonderful paintings on this exhibit! I particularly loved the "old man fixing his scythe" and the "old couple walking down the road". 😎

Thanks for the article and photos!

My pleasure! I'm glad you were able to pick some 😊
There's more to come ...

Hi Erika this was a great tour through the museum. Thanks!