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Last week I was planning to visit this photography exhibition, but because it closes at 1pm, it was impossible to find the time to do it. Today I made it my mission to get there in time as these exhibitions only last for a couple of weeks.

At The Photo Gallery.jpg

As always, I went in without any expectations and my only goal was to admire what the organizers have selected for this occasion and also learn. learning is a must if you're a photographer and want to evolve and what better way to learn, if not by watching what masters do. Before you label this action copying, it's not as opposite to art, you can't copy photographers. You can hardly ever get the same scene on camera.

The title of the exhibition was Winter Exhibition, but that referred to the season and not the photos, as there were all kinds of photos, not just winter photos. I hope this is a regular thing as I'm interested.


This was the first photo I saw and it hit me pretty hard. It has a deep meaning if you know how to read it. A good few years ago, after my grandmother passed away, I went to visit a very good friend of my grandmother, with my niece and nephew. She was an old lady, close to 80. The visit was not announced previously, so the surprise for her was huge. We set down and chatted for awhile and will never forget her face. She was telling me how every Sunday she takes out the old photos and recalls the old memories by looking at the photos. That's what you see in this photo. The exact same thing. Black and white is the best choice in these cases as it emphasizes the details.


This is another typical scene if you go to the mountains and not only. The title of the photograph is A gulyás (in Hungarian). Most of you will think of the famous Hungarian dish, called goulash in English, but this is different. The herd is called gulya in Hungarian and the shepherd is called gulyás.


Ray of Hope


Telling Hands

This was anther photo that speaks, if you know how to read it. Those hands that worked throughout a lifetime ... Back in those days, having hands like on the photo mean work. They were not afraid to get their hands dirty and those who didn't have telling hands were considered lazy. My grandmother was always scolding me for showing up with nail polish. She was always concerned about what would people say. I wasn't. She should see me now, working with gloves.



Another scene of village life and if you know what requiem means, you understand what this photo is about.



This photo was also black and white, not sepia, but due to the light, it seems a bit different.

This scene was part of village life. Old people sitting in front of the gate in the evening, or leaning against the fence, after they finished work for the day. That was their daily dose of entertainment.


Come Home Buddy

This photo also has a lot to say. The bond between the most precious animal and the owner is visible. Most of the times a cow was all they had.



This was another good photo, but due to the reflection, you may miss the meaning. I wish you could see the satisfaction, joy and calmness in the eyes of the old man, while enjoying the sunset.

Shooting good photos is not always easy. You can get lucky and come across a good nature scene and capture it. However, capturing scenes that tell people a lot is an art. You need to have an eye for this.

For this post I chose to focus on black and white only, instead of mixing it with color photos. For me, monochrome portraits always have a special meaning.

If you're a newbie, you may want to check out these guides:



Black and white photographs always bring back memories. That's why it's incredibly effective when used in photos of older people. And I know this is one of your favorite genres. You didn't ask, but I'll tell you anyway. The first photo is my favorite.

Lol, I did not ask indeed, but you know the drill already. And good choice by the way, that photo has a lot to tell.

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Ewww, that's a lot :)

How yes, two badges in a row, that's great @erikah! 🎉😊

Many meanings are contained in the photos you share and also the photos also look very impressive

I'm glad you like them.

I must say, your mission in visiting the art gallery was indeed worth it. I love them, and I like how you even added how viewers should understand the photos.

And I agree with you. Sometimes it's really amazing to capture photos of nature or a place, but people being the subject of photography is so deep. There are stories and messages in each of them. It could be much deeper, or just an ordinary scene that some people can reminisce about.

Every photo has a story to tell and means something to every viewer. However, we tend to see different things, or a photo doesn't mean the same for everyone. That's why life is so colorful :) However, I like to look at the meaning of every photo or artwork.

Nice photos over there, I think that’s all about it I can say lol. I don’t know how you guys are able to interpret these kind of work, it really makes a lot of sense when interpreted. Otherwise, I would just view them as normal photos 😅. I’m not really an art person, so I wouldn’t know what some of these photos actually speak about, thank you for sharing them with us though. I’ve gained some valuable insight into the photos.

I don’t know how you guys are able to interpret these kind of work, it really makes a lot of sense when interpreted.

Life experience, maybe? Every photo is a normal photo, but there's always a story behind it.

Those are exquisite photos that indeed tell a lot. I could imagine myself staring at those in silence. Thank you for sharing this blog to us.

That's what I'm always doing. Standing in silence, looking at them and trying to understand.