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Hello everyone...

It is incredible how time passes so fast, it seems like yesterday when I saw the birth of these 4 beautiful kittens it was exactly 45 days ago when they came into the world, after a 2-month wait. Time went by and although when they were born they looked like little mice, now they have grown up and you can see how beautiful, playful, and hypnotizing they can be.


As every pet lover, I love to take pictures of specific moments of my pets because even though they may leave, those memories will remain forever. That's why a few days ago while it was still morning, I took advantage of the time before going to work to take a few pictures of the 4 kittens that are stealing my heart before they are days away from adoption.



My wife and I gave them temporary names to identify them, and while they may not do all the things an adult cat would do. At least they do respond to the names we gave them, the only female we named Peggy after Peggy Carter the great love of Captain America, the 3 males we named, Banner because he was of stocky build, Bucky because he had white paws that resembled the robotic hand of Bucky Barnes and the last one we named Jordan after the actor Michael B Jordan because the cat is gorgeous LOL.

Bucky and Banner


If you have tried to take pictures of pets you will understand that it is very difficult to keep them still and looking at the camera, because they are easily distracted and when I want to take the picture they look away and ruin the shot. So to keep them still and calm I had to give them enough food to calm them down, and it was worth it because I have been able to take the best pictures.

What fascinates me the most about them are their eyes, a universe of varied colors that hypnotize you, and their curious and frightened look. There are still 15 days to give them up for adoption, but before that my wife and I want to give them all the corresponding vaccinations so that they are healthy, although with how tremendous they are I think they are very healthy. I will continue publishing more pictures about the secular life of my pets until we finally give them for adoption, here fabian98, Bucky, Peggy, banner and Jordán greet them with love, I hope you liked it and thank you very much for reading, all the pictures have been made by me.


Jordan and Banner


It's been some time since I joined this community, but all the posts are extremely amazing and the pictures are so well done. I was afraid to publish something and that it would go unnoticed because it was not of the same quality, and although all my life I have been passionate about photography, I never had the opportunity to develop it with a course or professional studio. But now I have been given many opportunities to share unique moments with the photography community since I have the necessary tools which are a phone with a decent camera and a good photo editor, so I will be posting my work continuously here. If you have any good advice, I will be glad to receive it so I can improve.


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