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If you have missed the news let me tell you that the Photography Lovers Community weekly contest is back and the current theme is macro!

I don't know how you feel about that but I have always liked the photography contests on the chain and this is my favorite one! So Ι though that I should welcome the come back of it with a nice set of new pictures!




So this afternoon, walking the dog was also a small photographic expedition! Fortunately nature is very generous in providing subjects, especially during the spring! Nevertheless I did faced a minor problem.





About a year and a half ago, I sold my EF-S cameras and lenses and upgraded to a full frame system. Which is great but I am still missing one lens. Can you guess witch one?

But of course the macro one :)





I didn't let though, such a small technicality to spoil my evening. I took with me a simple 50mm f1.8 fixed lens and flipped it around so that the rear element points outwards, and the front element faces the camera body. As simple as that. No special adapters or anything fancy. I just hold it against my camera. And you can see the result!





Not the most crisp macro lens I ever had but it gets the job done and the outcome is definitely interesting.





And although I am not going to erase a proper macro lens from my shopping list, it was quite fun using the reverse technique and some images were rather unexpected!






All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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Beautiful! So delicate. And I'm happy to see you are still taking such striking photos @fotostef. I'm grateful to be back after a two year absence (although my @buckaroo account is in solitary confinement and I'm starting over)

Thank you very much! I am glad to see you back :)

Very interesting pictures. I like the effect the backward lens gives to the photos.

Thank you @gregory-f, it is an interesting little trick indeed :)

Great shots and guess what? PhotoGames is coming back! We are starting in a couple of weeks, so lots more photography games coming you way!!

Wow great! That's amazing news! I am thinking with nostalgia of PhotoGames so often :)

I would never have thought of reversing the lens like that! 😊 The results are wonderful.

Haha yes, it is an interesting little trick :)

You always take such a beautiful photos, it no mater what lens you are using. I myself need to get proper micro lens, but in the meantime I do my best with what I have 😊

Thank you very much Lena with your always kind and sweet comments :)

And you are doing great with what you have!!!

You are most welcome and thank you too1 You are very kind 😊

What a beautiful collection of photos.Hope I can also take the same shot someday..Dreaming to have a good camera ☺️

Thank you very much @reginecruz!
I hope you'll have your dream camera soon enough :)