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RE: Fire Hydrants, Sepia Saturday Style

I've got to say mate, your fire hydrants look way better than most Australian ones; Ours are sort of utilitarian and generally just a very thick white pipe with a couple of outlets at the top with red screw on caps. Yours have flair and style, in comparison. I never thought I'd say it but...Fire hydrant envy is real. Lol.


LOL! Fire hydrant envy. 😀 I've found myself, wherever I go these days, looking for the local hydrants to see how they look. There are some places that I need to go back to because I missed taking the pictures the first time!

I have images of you pestering your wife to go back around the block in the car so you can go back and see a hydrant you missed. 🤣

LOL! Well... you're not far off. 😂

It's not weird...Don't let anyone tell you it is! 🤣