A Moonlover's tale p8 - Strawberry Moon

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Greetings Photography Lovers!

I'm back with another edition!
This one is a special one for me as I took a these pics while finally traveling again 🥳🥳🥳!


A little background! I've challenged myself to take some (full) moon pics every month. Just cause I can now but also as a challenge to keep it fresh and find, yes this is gonna sound weird, new angles 😁... Here's the latest: https://peakd.com/hive-194913/@gvkanten/a-moonlovers-tale-p7-blood-moon

Strawberry Moon

I recently traveled to the Netherlands to visit friends and family... And as luck would have it these clear summer nights provided an amazing view of the moon....



Plot Twist!

I took a very spontaneous trip to Portugal for a few days... And I when I say spontaneous I mean, unplannend spur of the moment. 🥳🥳🥳.
(Thursday Travel post coming this week ☺️)

I landed in Faro and since one of my friends is an avid surfing fan we went straight to the beach!
It was one day before the full moon...


The next day we were out exploring another town called Ferragudo...
And on our way back from sightseeing, littererly while driving in the middle of a town over... I saw this!
I stopped the car and shot this out of the window...


It may not seem like much to you but this is a new high for me. Up till now I've managed to get clear shots of the moon itself (and they're cool) but never with something in front... A landmark, a building... Anything..
So I'm particularly happy about this shot.

Got back to Ferragudo and the full moon added so much to the already chill summertime vibe...




Last but not least... Back in the Netherlands, I got a few cloudy shots of the waning moon.



That's its for me!
Hope you enjoyed it...
Tips, questions, comments all welcome.




Love the sharp shot of the moon! What camera are you using? 😊

Thank you! I'm using the Canon M50, you?