Siena drone photo awards

I have entered the a very famous photo competition! Two of my pictures where commended :D

one in the category Life Under Covid-19 with a picture of an almost empty parking lot.
I love this picture because every buddy needs to park there car in a parking like this sometime but nobody really knows how it looks from above!

Het rode autootje!a.jpg

The next one i entered in the category human. This because nothing you see here is nature, everything is manmade. Even the land where this all is build on is man made. We, the Dutch, reclaimed it from the sea back in the 1980's
The judges saw it different and put it in the category abstract. Maybe that's why i got a commended :D


I am very happy with this result and maybe this will set something in motion. I am going to be displayed on the diffrent cosialmedias and in die exhibition. Also i have to go to Siena Italie to get my price :D

siena awards abstract.jpg

Siena awards parking.jpg

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Beautiful compositions!

Thank you :)