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Near my home town of Zeist there is a big nature reserve. Its a big open heather area! There are little fens, areas of sand dunes and heather fields. To maintain and keep that area open you need a lot of personnel. Its way easier to keep a flock of sheep on the land. They wil eat the weeds, grass and trim the new small trees that are growing there.
And they are very photogenic :)


There are weeks that i am going for a walk every day and there are now nice sunsets! This day wasn't going to be nice but I was just in time to see the clouds catch some nice lighting!
What do you think, is this qualified as cloud porn?



I always bring my Leefilters with me to do some long exposure photography! I did some color adjustments for these pictures in lightroom but one is an exposure of 86 seconds and the other one is 1\20 of a second.



Witch on do you like the most, long expo or the normal one?

Gear: Canon 6D mark II Canon 14 mm F2,8 mark II Leefilters SW150 Mark II ND 0.6 and in one picture the Lee bigstopper.


Must be 'Groot Heidestein', between Zeist en Driebergen ...

En Bornia nog er achter :p

Thank you for re-posting @zhoten :)

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