Black and white photographs from a house in progress

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image0 3.jpg

Just some random photographs from a recently-bought house. Think it's gonna be a month before we move in. I like some random mess in black and white photographs and the look of it being in progress.

image0 6.jpg

image0 10.jpg

image0 7.jpg

image0 1.jpg

image0 2.jpg


image0 4.jpg

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image0 8.jpg


Great photos. Congratulations on the house! So of course I have to ask, what's with the doll?

It's my dad's tho not mine hahaha. I bought it for an artwork :D

Why is that mannequin lurking at the corner? Is she having an existential crisis? 🤔 😂

Hahaha what's funny is that everytime I sit there beside the window, when I glance I always be having a mini heart attack cos I thought someone is there but it's just the mannequin 😂

I knew that happened. You're just scaring yourself. 😂

Looks like a nice house, I liked the last picture

It is! And yah that sky was pretty! <3

I am a sucker for pictures with clouds, skies, stars, anything connected to the Universe hahha

lovely bnw series
1st n the last shots are great

amazing house and congratulation for it.
but what are you doing with the doll

Scare the neighbors ;D