Athabasca Falls Canyon

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It's not often you get a sense of stillness at Athabasca falls. I took this shot in in early spring looking through the canyon downstream of the falls. The shoulder seasons are nice in places like Athabasca so one can experience them without the crowds. People fall into this canyon almost every year and most don't live to tell the tale. Social media platforms give a false sense of familiarity with places which can be dangerous. It's always important to research and understand the risks with any location however that is especially true in the mountains. Athabasca Falls, Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada


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Robert Downie
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Looks like Soča Gorge in my home country Slovenia - beautiful!

I would love to explore Solvenia

Excellent picture my friend...Colors are great...

Amazing photo!!!😍

I visited Athabasca falls in 2011 and i'm planning a RV tour for next year.
Great picture!


Cool; I think lots of people will be out in their RV given all the international travel restrictions.

I have to rent an RV because I'm a little far from Canada (italy)

I see; lets hope travel opens up by then ;-)

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There’s some amazing colours there!

I’m somewhat concerned about people, even familiar environments can be dangerous in some circumstances 😵

People are their own worst enemies sometimes.

Es hermoso poder tener esas tomas como Fotografo

really beautiful shot. Beautiful and dangerous