Caturday:the grey kitten disappeared from the temple.

As soon as I arrived back in the city late in the evening, I would make some time to go to see those cats at the temple the following day. I couldn’t help being concerned about some stray cats there; there was a grey kitten that I had been feeding since he was just over two months’ old. Grey was the only kitten left from a litter of three kittens. I did wonder whatever happened to the other two kittens and the mother cat. But my favourite cat was the skinny Samsi who was incredibly gentle and timid.



Julia and her brother Tommy were always very quick to spot me entering the temple. This alerted Grey and other cats about my arrival.


Recently I just found out how these cats could spot me from very far distance. The first cat who spotted me walking inside the temple would come running to greet me. The meowing would alert other cats and they would all come out of their hiding. I was very curious why these cats knew I was coming inside the temple. They were mostly sleeping underneath cars and trucks.


Cats marching towards me expecting some food and goodies.


I had a suspicion that these cats have very good eyesight or ears. So, I did some experiment by changing the pace of my walk after some cats recognised my footstep rhythm and sound of my shoes. As soon as I changed to tiptoe pace, two cats suddenly stopped and looked puzzled. Tommy was quite unsure of himself that he started crying out to ask me why I was walking differently. Poor cats! They were frightened by uncertainty and felt very unsecured. So I talked to them to reassure them that I was the same person. They were so glad and came up to me, crying out for food.


Grey was waiting at the feeding spot while Samsi turned up in open space out of hunger.


These cats have to get used to loud noises from the demolition of two old buildings by big machines and many construction workers during the past three weeks. So several cats lost their favourite hiding places they used to have inside the old buildings. It was strange to see them gathered in open space near the car park. They must have been hiding underneath these cars during daytime. I could notice that each cat occupied a different corner in the car park. So, i would know where to find the youngest grey kitten; he liked to hide under trucks parked by the wall of the old Ordination Hall.


All the cats were eating peacefully when the mafia cats turned up to bash other cats. Samsi had to run for safety.


Grey was a loner as he was abandoned by his mother and two siblings. I hoped the other two kittens had been adopted by some visitors to the temple as they were quite beautiful. Grey was left behind as he looked rather ordinary comparing with the others. It took me several weeks to tame Grey and earned his trust so that he would allow me to touch and hold him. He has become very fond of me and we were good friends.


Grey was looking much healthier after his meal. An elderly cat was too fearful to come nearer other cats. I had to give him food in another corner. It seemed he must have been beaten up several times by stronger cats. This made me want to teach my cats some Thai boxing!


On the other hand, Samsi caught my attention from the beginning as he was a loner who allowed other younger cats to steal his food. He was a pacifist and would let other smaller cats hit him in the face without any retaliation. That’s probably why I had to give him extra protection and some wet food to fatten him up. I couldn’t imagine him fighting with other cats for food. I did manage to take him to stat at the other corner of the temple so that he could be away from other rowdy cats. I told him to hang around this area so that I could find him easily. This worked out nicely as I could feed him without interference from other cats.


The mafia gang managed to unsettle and scatter all other cats in all directions.


During my last two visits to the temple, I noticed that Grey was missing and the area where used to hide had been dug up. So, cars and trucks could no longer park there and Grey could no longer sleep in that area. I did walk around the temple calling out for Grey but there was no sign of this grey kitten. I was very concerned and wondered what had happened to him. I just hoped that Grey had not been injured or killed by the digging machines by accident.


Tommy is very dependent on his sister cat, Julia. They have become very tame and friendly.


These cats have become a part of my weekly routine and they made me feel good about myself during the long lockdown. They gave me a chance to do some good karma twice a week. These cats taught me to become more patient and accepting of cats with bad behaviours. A gang of ‘mafia’ cats seemed to dominate the entire open space inside the temple. These five black cats acted as if they owned the temple and other cats were mere lodgers who had to submit to their terror. After a few weeks, I did manage to show them that I would not tolerate any of them running around bashing other cats. They began to calm down and let other cats walking around the car park peacefully. I would try to search for Grey again this week, praying that he was still alive and well.


Samsi had to be rescued and I found him a quiet corner so he could have his dinner in peace. Cat’s life!


Wishing you peace, good health and prosperity.

Stay strong and cheerful.


Very beautiful photos!

Oh wow I hope you find Grey. It's so sad if something happened to him. It's amazing that cat society can really resemble our own in many ways.

Those gangster cats better settle down. Do they not know who they're messing with when you come around?

Yup! These cats are just like youngsters in schools! LoL

Good to see the cats. Nice that your hard work, with all the long posts you do, is paying off now. Hive is going to keep those cats well fed😂

Yeah. I was glad things turned out well for my effort to feed stray cats at the temple. We have become friends so it’s going to be very hard for me to leave them one day! These are really nice and polite cats. Their shyness and sensitivity always caught me by surprise.

Yay! 🤗
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Over here, cats usually have two homes. If they find another welcoming family, especially with a nice warm home, they will visit them and pop back home when they're ready. I hope Grey has just found some other place that's comfortable.

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the architecture of your country is very beautiful