Annual Washing Blanket Season 恒例の毛布洗濯の季節 [English and Japanese]


Annual Washing Blanket Season

It's officially summer here, I guess. I've stopped wearing fleece or using a blanket when sitting in a chair. However, the nights and mornings are still sometimes chilly. I've used the heat pump twice so far in the afternoon. The other day, it was over 30 degrees Celsius in the house.

I decided to wash our stinky blanket. Why is the blanket smelly? My dog thinks it's his. He sleeps on it constantly, so it has become like his dog blanket.

After the cold winter, I wash it every summer on a very hot day. Usually, I wash it in July or August when the temperature is very high. However, the other day was as hot as the middle of summer. I thought it was a good opportunity to wash it! The blanket is very heavy when wet, so it's not easy to wash.

After hanging it outside with a rope between a tree and the deck fence, my dog started checking the blanket. He thinks I washed it just for him.


This blanket is very interesting. It was so heavy when it was wet, but it dried pretty quickly under the strong sunshine with a nice breeze.


My dog looked a bit sad when I put the dried blanket in my closet. He can't use it during summer. Ha ha ha.

By the way, my husband is tearing off the old wooden deck that you can see under the blanket in the photo. The previous owner didn't use treated wood for the deck, so it started rotting little by little.

The wood has become very soft where it's rotting, and it feels unstable when I step on those parts. We decided to start removing the wood last year. We did a small section then, and this year, my husband has already begun tearing off more. Where he removed the wood last year, grass has already started growing. It looks much better without the deck. The pressuring feelings disappeared.

After finishing and removing the wood, we are thinking about putting flat stones, like stepping stones, in front of the shed so the grass can recover naturally.

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:) beautiful dog! (and some colorful blanket too)

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Thank you! I love my funny dog very much:) Yeah, the blanket is very colorful. The blanket is pretty old but still it looks pretty.

He looks a bit sad that you washed it!
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Yes, he looked a bit sad to me after washing away his scent, as you said😂