“Nature Photography in Japan 日本で撮った自然の写真” [Japanese and English]

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“Photography in Japan”

I took this flower’s photos in Japan last summer. I tried to search for this flower’s name but I couldn’t figure it out yet. It has three small, light purple petals with thin green kuma bamboo grass-looking leaves in late summer (August-early September) in Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan. I want to know the name. If you know please let me know!

When I was walking down the street to visit my grandmother’s nursing home with my mother, I noticed that there was a beautiful flower growing up from the concrete pavement next to an electric pole. It looked very delicate at first but actually, it is tough to survive like this.

I often feel small nature in Japan is such a beautiful thing. Japan is a very small country compared with other big countries such as Canada, America, China, or European countries. People enjoy small nature in tiny limited spaces which is very elegant I think. I like all kinds of flowers but I love strong field flowers. Maybe this flower was not originally a field flower but it was very cool like this.





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What beautiful flowers!! Do you know that they are very important? they keep alive the little pollinators that are very important for the vegetables and fruits that we eat

Yes, it is beautiful! I agree with you. This type of flower is very important for other beings. We need bees as well!

Yeahh the keep the bees alive too

could you follow me? plz