Let’s view some FLOWERS 🌷🌸🌼 in the “KEUKENHOF” in the Netherlands 🇳🇱

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Hi all 👋🏻

Today I want to share with you all a selection of photographs I took when I visited the “KEUKENHOF” in the Netherlands 🇳🇱
This flower / tulip 🌷 #garden is located in #Lisse the Netherlands.

See the yellow star ⭐️ on Google maps:

All photos are taken with my old #iPhone in 29 March 2019.
I’m following the time stamps to show you around this flower garden.

More information about the “KEUKENHOF” you find Here in Wikipedia!

It States:
”Keukenhof also known as the Garden of Europe, is one of the world's largest flower gardens, situated in the municipality of Lisse, in the Netherlands. According to the official website, Keukenhof Park covers an area of 32 hectares (79 acres) and approximately 7 million flower bulbs are planted in the gardens annually. Keukenhof is widely known for its tulips, and it also features numerous other flowers, including hyacinths, daffodils, lilies, roses, carnations and irises.

Keukenhof is located in the province of South Holland, south of Haarlem and southwest of Amsterdam in the area called the "Dune and Bulb Region" (Duin- en Bollenstreek). It is accessible by bus from Haarlem and Leiden train stations as well as Schiphol. Though its grounds are open year-round for private affairs and festivals, Keukenhof is only open to the general public for a world-renowned 8 week tulip display from mid-March to mid-May, with peak viewing arriving near mid-April, depending on growing season weather, which varies annually.”

Or visit their own Website here: Het KEUKENHOF!

Come along… and start our walk together… I’m sure you will love the flowers all around us.

I let most photographs speak for themselves, enjoy 🥰🌷🌸🌼

Artworks are spread out throughout the gardens, this year (2019) the theme was #FLOWER-POWER.

Walking on the far end of the #park we see the tulip fields next to it.

With many colours of #tulips 🌷

There is a large covered pavilion, this time it shows the #exhibition FLOWER POWER, #artworks are on display. Also #orchids, and tulips and other flowers in different sections of it:

Leaving the covered pavilion we will walk further outside again. Look at the tree branches that don’t touch the water… remarkable 😎🤩

We see a #windmill through the trees.

There are people showing some old #Dutch traditions next to the windmill.

Like this “gerookte makreel” Smoked mackerel. Nom nom… haven’t had them in a while, now I live in Spain.

Blossoms 🌸🌸🌸 on the trees surrounding us.

The amount of flowers and tulips are breathtakingly beautiful.

Delfts blauw ~ delft blue ceramics statue.

A fountain… I loved it in Black and White.

After leaving the garden - KEUKENHOF, I walked to the flower fields next to the gardens.

And with this last Photo in a different angle, I want to say… that’s all for today, join me in my next posts for more #adventures, #stories and #photographs” 😎👋🏻 Even some #artworks once in a while will come by 🎨
Thank you so much for looking, and reading. And if you liked my post, an upvote or re-blog is always welcome 🙏🏻

Have a great day all 😎👋🏻
Grtz Jackie


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Thank you so much @xoxois 😊👋🏻 For sharing my post on Twitter 😎 much appreciated!
Happy Thursday 🌸🌷🐝

You're welcome @littlebee4
The beauty of nature along with beautiful flowers must be preserved.🌺🌺🥰
Have a great day 🥰🥰

Thanks 😊 you are so right there @xoxois 🥰🌼🍀🌸🌷🐝☀️ It must be preserved!
Enjoy your day 😎

Thank you my friend @jlinaresp for sharing my post on Twitter 😊😎
Happy Thursday further 🌷🌸🌼🐝☀️

Wow just wow speechless like I said before you don't even need to write and explain anything your pictures write the stories themselves another fantastic post can't wait to see more.


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Thank you so much my friend @caelum1infernum 😊😎 hehehe 🤭 yep you said it before.
I’m glad you like my photos 😉🥰 makes me happy.
Have an amazing Friday 👋🏻☀️


You know I ask someone at my work place he's a photographer for our shop in Coal Steakhouse 🥩 he said all his equipment worth around 20k the reason why I ask him because it remind me of the photo you took I forgot the name but I remembered a photo of a statue then I wonder how much could a good camera 📷 cost lol I was like nah nevermind I use my phone to take photos instead 😅😅😅😅

He said 20k? That’s a lot… you don’t need to go that high for good equipment.
My set up: Canon eos 550D with 18 - 135 mm lens back in the days when I bought it with the lens reached about 2000 euros. And I could take everything I wanted with it. Be it landscape photographs, hand held in the street and even macro/ details.
To bad my set died on my last far away trip to Cuba… been taking photos with my iPhone since.
In my posts I mention how I took the photos either the DSLR or the phone. All recent travel is with phone.

I am saving up for a new set though, but first move 📦📦📦😉and all unexpected cost that come with it. Than get a new set. But I won’t be paying as much as he did. It is not needed.

Yes, I remember talking about the statue. You can take amazing photos with the phone, play with your focus point and the light… before you take the photo, it does already make such a difference.
Try it @caelum1infernum 😎

Oh you took it with your phone as well. A good phone with decent camera will cost about 3k+dirham

Euro to AED is about 3.7 difference

So 2000 euro is about 7.5K AED
True what you said the guy use high end equipment to be 20k AED

Ok, understand…. Sorry missed the currency difference. But still it doesn’t have to be expensive to get a great camera and multipurpose lens. About double of a good phone camera. But yeah… still a lot of money. We have to save up a bit more hehehe 🤭

The photos of this flower and tulip post where taken on an old iPhone 5s 😉 when it already was many years old.

True doesn't need to be that expensive just a good decent one will do. Also need some skills to take good photo might ask for your advice in the future

Indeed… yes, ask away for advice. If I can help I help 🤓😉
Good night 👋🏻🥱😴😴 time for bed now…
Talk later 😎

Hi @littlebee4 Tenes un ojo increíble, las imágenes que captas son historias completas

Muchísimas gracias @septymahija 😊💃🏻🥰 es agradable escuchar eso 🤩
Que tengas un maravilloso día más ☀️🌸🌷🌼

Lovely flowers. The scale of the gardens and flower fields is crazy. And I love the art interspersed with the flowers. 🌻☮️ Flower power is my favorite and the car immediately after it 🙂

Thanks for picking your favourite photos, I like the car too a lot. Pretty cool.
They are indeed soooo large the gardens and fields, you could wander around for hours and hours. 😊🌸🌷🐝
Thanks for visiting with me. Have a wonderful day today @steven-patrick 👋🏻☀️

Good afternoon @littlebee4 !

Your photos are truly beautiful!

What a nice place you have visited! I don't know if there is a more beautiful flower in the world than the tulip.

Here in Argentina, more precisely in a city called Trevelin (Patagonia) tulips are grown and every year in the month of October there is the flowering which is a great spectacle that attracts many tourists.

Big hug

Good evening @pablo1601 😊👋🏻
Thank you so much, that is so nice to hear.
You are right, the tulips are such wonderful flowers, in so many shapes and colours. Just stunning 🌷

Aawww Patagonia is a beautiful area 🥰 and they have a special “festival” for these flowers that attracts visitors. Must be indeed a spectacle.
Have you visited this? Maybe a post written about it? Would be wonderful to see 😉

Thank you for your visit and appreciation of my post and photos. Have a great evening 👋🏻☀️


Wow, so many tulips there around! 🌷
Loved that peace sign with flowers and the car was also cute :)

Yes, they were literally everywhere hehehe 🤭 so beautiful to see. The colours… never knew there were so many different kinds and colours of tulips. 🌷🌷🌷
The car is one of my favourites too.
Thanks for visiting @mipiano 👋🏻😊 have a wonderful day further ☀️☀️💃🏻💃🏻

Have a great afternoon you too 😊

Thank you so much 😊


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Thank you so much @ecency and @good-karma for the support 😊👋🏻 Much appreciated!
Have an amazing Friday ☀️

Wow!... These photos are a waste of visual magic @littlebee4 friend!.... Thank you so much for sharing them!... It's an enchanting place, absolutely out of this world, and you've managed to capture the essence of this place magnificently... Greetings!

Good evening my friend @jlinaresp 😊👋🏻 Hope you are well.
Thank you sooooooo much for your kind words. Much appreciated!
It makes me happy to hear that your visit of my post was so “magical” thanks for that ☺️
Greetings and a big hug 🤗
Enjoy your evening 👋🏻

I love the Netherlands, I spent a lot of time there during my working life, but never got the chance to visit this, I have heard so much about it, your pix just re affirm it. I need to visit, next year I guess now, when everything is in bloom

It is a great country to visit @grindle 🤓 I lived there about 28 years from my 6th year onwards. So I think I grew up there the most.
It sure is a garden to visit. Just stunning and spring is the perfect time when they open. So much different varieties and colours, you never saw before.
Hope you can manage to go 🤞🏻😎🌸🌷🌼

Incredible shots! Beautiful images. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much @castleberry 😊👋🏻
Happy to share.
Have an awesome Thursday!

There are so many types, varieties, and colors of tulip!
Thanks for showing us, @littlebee4 !
They are beautiful!!!

Thanks sooooo much @silversaver888 😊🤗🌸🌼🌷
I didn’t know there were so much different kinds and colours. The tulips are just beautiful. All of them.
Had to share it today 😊☀️💃🏻 It was a perfect day to brighten up a bit.
Have an amazing day further 🤙🏻🌺 big hug 🤗🤗

Wow! What a colorful post! Thank you for taking us on this walk in the "KEUKENHOF".

What a colorful way to end my day, thank you, @littlebee4👍!

You are so welcome @jacoalberts 😊☀️🌸🌷🌼 happy to hear you can finish your day with these beautiful flowers and the walk around the gardens.
Thank YOU so much 😊
Enjoy your evening 👋🏻

You are so welcome @jacoalberts 😊☀️🌸🌷🌼 happy to hear you can finish your day with these beautiful flowers and the walk around the gardens.

All thanks to you, @littlebee4😀👍!

Thank you! And you must enjoy your evening too👋!

Aawww you are so kind 😊
I will enjoy the evening 💃🏻 You do the same @jacoalberts 👋🏻🌸

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Thank you so much @pinmapple 👋🏻😊🤩 much appreciated!
Happy Thursday ☀️🐝

It looks stunning and the flowers are amazing.
Thanks for sharing that @littlebee4 :)

Thanks @stevemuis 😊😎 it is a great place to visit in the spring.
Happy to share. Have a wonderful Thursday 👋🏻🌸🌷🐝

Thanks and you too 😊🦋🌻🌈🤗

You are welcome 😊
Thank you kindly 😊👋🏻☀️🌸🐝



Perfect for dinner… 😉🍕🍕🍕

Wow! A lot of tulips and they are so colorful. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.

Thank you so much @sabukidblog 😊 much appreciated!
Happy to share.
Have a wonderful Friday today 👋🏻☀️

It's my pleasure. Have a wonderful Friday too.

Thank you kindly 😊

Very good views, nice place, and all the flowers are very beautiful.

Thank you kindly @xerox94 😊🌸🌷☀️ It was a great day wandering around there…
Have an awesome day today 👋🏻


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Thanks so much for that @littlebee4 and @pizzabot 😊🍕😍

You are welcome 😉