DSC00386.jpgSince I learn about photography and want to share them online, I grow more appreciation for people who take the time to make their photos look great.


The process of editing a picture takes time. It’s not easy to just point and shoot and then upload them. There’s an editing process that could take more than a few hours depending on how many shots are.


For me personally, moving to camera and organizing them would end up taking more than 20 minutes. Then,sorting them out and moving them to my phone for the final editing. All this takes more than an hour to two hours. Depending on how busy I am and my energy levels, all could be done either in a day or a few days.


And I learn that there’s more satisfaction when the photo turns out great. My recent photography post was something I was quite proud of and today, I am sharing some buildings along with others that I captured from my camera. I hope you liked some of them.

DSC00458 (2).jpg

Another thing I recently learned is conceptual photography. The idea is basically to make an image tells an idea or a story. You can read more on this conceptual photography. I like the idea behind conceptual photography and wanted to try it out soon and see if I get the message across to the viewer. But for now, this is what I can do.


All Images are taken with sony DSC H300 edited with lightroom mobile


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Image by barbara-orenya

I didn't realize you were such a talented photographer! Awesome shots once again. Hope you are feeling better. Keep up the great work! I really like the clarity of the second shot and the vintage feel and look to the fourth one!

Hehe, I am still learning and trying to find my genre 😁 I had exposure to photography early in life and was often in charge as the camera person during school uni events but only recently I have my own camera. I agree with you,I like the fourth one the most, It's kinda popular angle and I am happy I could do it too. Thanks for checking out!

Looks like that early exposure instilled some skills! I don't think you need to have any particular genre, unless you want to . I would say just have fun and continue to grow through experience! Take Care

Everytime I took photo, the images are not good. You have a great skills, the fourth photo looks great. Keep it up!

Hmm, have you found out the problem? it could be the angle that you choose or the lighting. I realized that angle and light are essential for the object to turn out good. I still find it hard to capture object at night without it being shaky, too much noise and bad lighting too.

It's the angle and lighting. I don't know hot to position myself :)

Great photos! 👌