4rd Challenge-- A road through a Fashion Model Contest!!!/ 4to Reto---El camino a través de un Concurso de Modelos de Moda.

Hello everyone!!! Today i bring to you the 4th challenge. This time i had to make two pictures with my model about aliens, LOL. But in the photo the main thing had to be the costume, and i was looking the way to help with the backround. The third photo was about the egypt culture, so we figured out a nice costume and make the shoot, then i was working in the photoshop, sadenly i made a mistake in Photoshop and did´nt get a clen result. Well thats all for today i hope you like it. regards.

Hola a [email protected]!!!! Hoy les traigo lo que fue el 4to reto al que nos tuvimos que enfrentar. Esta vez eran dos fotos relacionados con los aliens, pero el principal reto era lucir un traje hecho por los propios esfuerzos de los concursantes. Yo solo trabajé en la foto y en el fondo para que así la modelo encontrara y creara un increíble traje de alien. La tercera foto es sobre otro indicador que debíamos cumplir y era relacionado con la creación de otro traje, esta vez sobre la antigua cultura egipcia. En este caso me sentí algo frustrado porque después de tener listo el trabajo sin querer cometí un error en Photoshop y no podía deshacer por lo que el trabajo no quedó para nada limpio. Bueno esto es lo qu les traigo por hoy. Saludos.


prueba 1 extraterrestre.jpg

pinga 2.jpg


i liked these pictures

Interesting photos! I don't like that first outfit, though. It's way too weird. I love the second outfit, that's cool! 😎

Thanks for your comment. The model made the outfit from plastic bags and some electronic cables LOL 😆. Have a nice day. 👍👍

Awesome photo my friend. How long did you take to finished the edits on each photos?

Well. The second and the third one took me about 3 hours. I am an amateur. And each object needed to be editable. I am glad you like it. The first one was quickly because it needed some light arrangements and to put a background. Regards.

I see, 3hours is quite fast for that manipulation. Keep up the good work my friend! Looking forward for your next post. Cheers!

Interesting work.