Some insect and flower shots from the garden.

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It's a really great time of year for macro work. The flowers are coming out all over the place which in turn attracts all manner of cool insect. Found a really cool soldier beetle (i think) on a flower and he was kind enough to do some cool poses and move around onto some white petals. A high key macro shot from me is quite unusual. And it's black and white :)



And, of course, I couldn't help but get some shots of some of the new flowers coming up around the garden







another extremely successful macro shot. congratulations.

and the last shot is my favorite.

This photograph looks good!nice shots

That B/W one is just brilliant.

Great Photos, I like the last one with the flower the best :)

Very nice work again ... really love to know which macro lens you used for this shots, and did you use a ring flashlight?


Its the Sigma 105 HSM macro and the diffuser for my flash is the one in this post

Ow that's an interesting kit when you're into macro photography. Love the idea, and how it turned out in your images. It's a world of difference for sure. Hmmm 105 ... I hear only good things about that lens. It's one I will keep in my mind for when I saved up enough again.

Amazing shots. I love the editing on them as well.

Editing???...straight out of the camera of course ... LOL

Macros always a great challenge especially for learning technical side of things and setups can quickly get complicated.