Astrophotography during Winter time

Hello people. So during Winter time there is one good thing that you can do in term of photography, that's astrophotography. Why? Because nights are pretty cold and humidity is not that high. Cold weather gives you lover noise at high ISO. When you are taking long exposure photo of about 30 seconds your sensor gets warmer and warmer so that means you will get a lot of noise, but cold weather makes your sensor colder and that reduces noise and your final result gets better details. That's true, try it by yourselves. :D




Milky 50mm.jpg


andromeda 135mm.jpg

Milky 17mm.jpg


Outstanding shots!

Thanks for sharing.

Upravo pokazujem fotografije sinu i pita me kako je to moguće :D Genijalno zaista!

Hvala ti, bas mi je drago da cujem to. :D