Few landscape photos

Hello people. I've collected few landscape photos that I really enjoyed taking them. Some of them were took with drone, making HDR photo that will have much better details than just taking one photo, and some were taken from the ground. This year will be epic, at least I hope so, I decided to go to another mountain and to see some sea, if everything went good. For now there will be few photos from last year, enjoy looking at them and tell me what do you think about them. :)












Ohhh you are sharing so many great photos!
HDR is amazing...

Landscape is similar to Slovenia, meaning I like it a lot! Have to do Balkan tour once...

I think Slovenia has even more beautiful landscapes, my wish is to go there and discover Slovenia. Maybe this year is going to be that year for discovering. :D

its really amazing clicks but
you need to check out my click @shanzay

Thanks, I followed you and welcome to Hive! :)

Very nice! The pasture photos are really quit relaxing and enjoyable.

Thanks! :D I'm glad that you liked it! :)

Wonderful photo collection, the landscapes from the heights look incredible

Thanks! I totally agree with you, these ones are really beautiful. :)

Beautiful photos! I hope Spring is going to come soon...

Thanks. I'm waiting for first snow here, I really hope there will be this year, last year there wasn't snow at all. :D

These landscapes are extremely vivid! Cause the emotions of summer, the sun. It's cold in my country now, and I want to be on the sea like in the last photo :)

Awesome shots! Waiting for Covid to tune down a bit here and go up north for some landscapes in the mountains myself.